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Social Whirlers 

A MONG the social organizations in 
^* Houston at the turn of the century 

Houston Light Guard: F. A. Reichardt, 
Captain; Spencer Hutchins (Houston's so- 
cial lion), First Lieutenant. 

Left Handed Fishing and Hunting Club: 
W. H. Coyle, Chief Shark. (James Stephen 
Hogg was amember.) 

Volksfest Association: Louis Illmer, 

Houston Quartet Club: D. D. Bryan, 

Star Wheel Club: N. C. Munger, Pres- 
ident. Ladies Bicycle Club: Mrs N. C. 
Munger, President. _ 

Houston Lyceum Society: Mrs J. H. 
Ruby, President. 

Ladies Shakespeare Club: Mrs James 
W. Lockett, President. 

Z Z Social Club: Mr# N. S. Meldrum, 

Mansfield Dramatic Club: Mrs David 
B. Perkins, President. 

Uxoris Club: Mrs B. K. Bering, Presi- 

Current Literature Club: Mrs Si Pack- 
ard, President. 

Treble Clef: Mrs N. C. Munger President. 

The Benedicts: L. J. Parks, President. 

The Spinsters: Miss Ida Cunyus, Pj;es- 

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in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 






Houston, Texas. 




Cop$ti$bt b£ 

(tots, Gorra Bacon jfoster, 


While care has been taken to obtain the names 
of all entitled to social recognition, doubtless some 
have been overlooked, or* these S crave pardon ; white 
S regret the absence of those that have been omitted 
by request. 


To the Trade Centers 
and Summer Resorts 

of the North and East* 

The I. & Q. N. 


flakes the Quickest Time. 


Scenic Route to Mexico... 

When Contemplating a Trip 

Geo. D. Hunter, ^it^ain 


City Pass. & Ticket Agent. 


Christ Church 11 

Ladies' Parish Association 12 

Church of the Annunciation 14 

Rosary Society 14 

Presbyterian Churches 15-16-17 

Ladies' Association of First Church 15 

First Church of Christian Scientist 17 

Second Church of Christian Scientist 17 

Central Christian Church 18 

Methodist Episcopal Church 19 

Young Men's Christian Association 20 

Ladies' Auxiliary, Y. M. C . A 21 

Woman's Christian Temperance Union 22 

Colonial Dames 23 

Lady Washington Chapter D. A. R 23 

San Jacinto Chapter D. R. T 24 

Rob't E. Lee Chapter U. D. C 25 

Faith Home 26 

Sheltering Arms 29 

Lyceum 31 

City Federation of Clubs 31 

Ladies' Reading Club 31 

Woman's Club 33 

Shakespeare Club 34 

Mansfield Dramatic Club 35 

Uxoris Club 36 

Current Literature Club 37 

Treble Clef 38 

Spinsters 38 

Houston Heights Literary Club 39 

Philosophical Society 40 

Houston Club 41 

Z. Z's 43 

Benedicts 45 

Turnverein 46 

Directory 47 

Dr. R. W. KNOX, 

Rooms 320 and 321 Binz Building. 

Office Hours: 9 to 10 A. M. 
3 to 5 P. M. 

Residence Phone 244. - Office Phone 289. 



1 ' " ' 


Telephone Number I Q Q I ©I We dels ver Medicines to all parts 
%£?!. m. I OO m oi tne c "y Free of Charge. 
Both Phones M.KJKJ) \ Q \ Qive us your patronage. 

The Oldest Established *Drug House in Houston* 


Ford, Stone & Ford. 

Attorneys and Counsellors-at-Law. 

General Practice in Federal and State Courts. 

ROOMS 421. 422. 423 BINZ BUILDING. 


Baker, Botts, Baker & Lovett — Attorneys at Law 54 

Barden-Sheets Electrical Co.— Electricians. 114 

Beach, Dancing School 46b 

Bering-Cortes Hardware Co. , 80 

Buckingham, Miss Lida — Music Teacher 74 

Bujac, Mme— Pianiste 122 

Burke & Griggs, Attorneys 114 

Capitol Hotel 104 

Clark, Dr. Wm.— Osteopath 114 

Chiniene & Co., Furniture and Carpets 90 

Convent and School 62 

Cooley, D. D., Real Estate 48 

Cotton, Mme. W. J., Modiste 96 

Cotton, S. O. & Bro., Fire Insurance 66 

Daugherty, J. S., Real Estate 124 

Dealy & Baker 146 

Drew & Co., Fire Insurance 132 

Eckhardt, Dr. Wm. R 60 

Englehardt, Dr 132 

Ewing & Ring, Attorneys and Counsellors 108 

Foley, Wm. L., Dry Goods 72 

Ford, Stone & Ford, Attorneys 7 

Foster, J. E., Moving and Storage 108 

Frisco Line 50 

Gieseke Brothers, Shoes 90 

Gohltuan & Daviss, Drs 96 

Grant, Graphophones 150 

Griffin, Dr., Dentist 138 

Grunewald, C, Music House 76 

Hampe, Albert, Dry Goods and Millinery 68 

Hart, Sydney H., Jeweler 98 

Heyer, Geo. W., Druggist 7 

Heyer Photo Supply Co 152 

Hillin, Dr. Sam H 90 

Hitchler, Photographer 144 

Houston, East & West Texas R. R 88 

Hodges, Dr. Rolland C 110 

Holland, Dr. Margaret E 66 

Hollywood Cemetery 74 

Hume, W. D., Druggist 132 

Hunt, W. S., Attorney and Counsellor 152 

Infirmary, St. Joseph's 60 

I.&G.N.R.R 4 

Jones & Inman, Grocers 92 

Jones & Oliver, Attorneys 60 

Kerr, Florist 62 

Kidd, Aldridge Battelle, Pianist. 96 

King, Dr.F.B 76 

Knox, Dr. R. W 

Lechenger. L., Watchmaker and Jeweler 52 

Lee, Miss, Fashionable Dressmaking 116 

Levy Bros. , Dry Goods 128 

Lorehn, Olle J. , Architect 80 

Lossing, Dr. M. J., Dentist 102 

Luepke, Robert, Florist 102 

Lunn, Dr. W. W 112 

Lunn, Dr. E. D 112 

Mallory S. S. Line 56 

Marshall, Arch L., Fine Stationery 116 

Mellinger, Geo. J. , Grocer 116 

McClellan, John & Co., China and Glassware 150 

M., K. &T. R. R 78 

Myer, W. W., Capitol Pharmacy 86 

Norfleet, 1ST. M., Rental Agency 54 

Oliver's Music House 84 

Pantitorium Club 152 

Pastoriza, J. J., Engraving 128 

Perkins, Dr. B. F. , Dentist 132 

Pillot, T., Bookseller 66 

Princeton Restaurant 120 

Purdy's, Books and Stationery 138 

Sante Fe Route 100 

Shosser's Steam Bakery 52 

Settegast, C. E. & Bro., Livery 76 

Sievers, Grustave A., Violinist 110 

Smallwood, Dr. R. C, Homoeopath 80 

Southern Pacific R. R 40 

Stafford, Dr. Earl, Dentist 98 

Stieff Pianos 62 

Taylor Bros., Manufacturing Jewelers 138 

Taylor & Sons, Wholesale Grocers 92 

Texas Optical Co 86 

Torrey & Co. , Fire Insurance 86 

Uncapher, Dr. Elizabeth, Hoinoeopathist 120 

Waddell, H., Furniture 64 

Watkins & Jones, Lawyers 110 

Welch, K. GL, Imported Millinery 48 

Welch, Prof. C. W., Houston Academy 108 

Westheimer, Sid., Undertaker 54 

White, Miss Mabel, Dressmaking 48 

Wisdom, Millinery 102 

Zay, Creams and Ices 98 

Zweib, Miss, Millinery 74 

Cbrist Cburcb* 


Texas avenue and Fannin street. Services, 11:00 a. m. and 
8:00 p. m. Sunday; 5:30 p. m. Friday. Sunday school, 
9:30 a. m. Holy Communion, Sunday, 7:00 a. m.; Holy Days, 
7: 00 a m.; First Sunday in the month, 11:00 a. m. 

Rev. H. D. Aves Rector. 

Rev. H. J. Brown, Rev. A. J. Burnett .Assistants. 


Mr. R. M. Elgin Senior Warden. 

Mr. W. D. Cleveland Junior Warden. 

Mr. W. V. R. Watson Secretary. 

Mr. Paul B. Timpson Treasurer. 

Mr. Presley K. Ewing Mr. Sam McNeil. 

Mr. J. B. Bowles, Mr. Frank Cargill. 

Mr. T. H. Lover Organist and Choir Master. 


Clemen's Memorial — Sixth ward, corner of Sabine and Bing- 
ham streets. Rev. A. J. Burnett, Rector. 

St. John's Chapel — Third ward, corner of Velasco and Le- 
land streets. 

St. Stephen's — Services held in school building, Houston 
Heights. Rev. B. A. Rogers, Rector. 

Trinity — Fair Grounds, Louisiana and Tuam streets. Rev. 
H. J. Brown, Rector. 

St. Mary's Church — Fifth ward, corner of Hardy and Conti 
streets. Rev. H. J. Brown, Rector, 


Meets every Monday afternoon in Parish house. 


Mrs. M. F. Gentry President. 

Mrs. J. A. Huston Vice-President. 

Mrs. O. L. Brown Second Vice-President. 

Mrs. B. A. Randolph Secretary. 

Mrs. Jesse Bryan Treasurer. 


Mrs W. V. R. Watson, Mrs. S. D. Moore, 

Mrs. S. McNeil, Mrs. W. A. Westcott, 

Mrs. O. L. Brown, Mrs. Mary Torrey. 


Mrs. S. S. Ashe, Chairman, Mrs. W. H. Coyle, 
Mrs. Uvalde Burns, Mrs. M. Tinsley. 


Mrs. H. D. Aves, Mrs. A. Cone, 

Mrs. S. Clemens, Mrs. J. C. Waddill, 

Mrs. H.J. Brown, Mrs. L. Harrison. 


Mrs. S. S. Ashe, Miss Dora Lord, 

Mrs. Robert Brewster, Mrs. S. D. Moore, 
Mrs. Jesse (M. E.) Bryan, Mrs. H. Masterson, 

Mrs. O. L. Brown, Mrs. Bonner McCraven, 

Mrs. R. B. Baer, Mrs. Sam McNeil, 

Mrs. J. B. Bowles, Mrs. Mary Palfrey, 

Mrs. A. J. Bolton, Mrs. Chas. Pescay, 

Mrs. Uvalde Burns, Mrs. S. Priester, 

Mrs. W. H. Coyle, Mrs. Chas. Parker, 

Mrs. J. W. Dittmar, Mrs. E. Prince, 

Mrs. R. E. Elgin, Mrs. L. Queyrouze, 

Mrs. Mary Eliot, Mrs. B. A. Randolph, 

Mrs. P. H. Fall, Mrs. A. S. Richardson, 

Mrs. M. H. Foster, Mrs. Rosine Ryan, 

Mrs. Marcellus Foster, 
Mrs. C. L. Bitch, 
Mrs. M. P. Gentry, 
Mrs. George Gibbs, 
Mrs. E. Hamman, 
Mrs. G. F. Hay, 
Mrs. J. A. Huston, 
Mrs. Henry House, 
Mrs. C. F. Heffernan, 
Mrs. M. G. Howe, 
Mrs. W. Johnson, 
Mrs. L. E. Krause, 
Mrs. N. E. King, 
Mrs. H. Lidstone, 


E. E. Shaekford, 


Robt. Smith, 


W. F. Simmons, 


A. E. Sydnor, 


R. A. Smith, 


M. H. Tinsiey, 


E. S. Tracy, 


G. A. Taft, 


Mary Torrey, 


W. V. R. Watson, 


B. F. Weems, 


M. A. Wescott, 


T. P. Williams. 




Cburcb of tbe Bnnunciatioru 

Corner of Texas avenue and Crawford street. Rev. Father 
Thomas Hennessey, Pastor. Miss Ora Averitt, Choir Mis- 
tress. Services, First mass, 7:00 a. m.; High mass, 10:00 
a. m.; Vespers, 7:30 p. m. 

Church of the Sacred Heart — Corner of San Jacinto and 
Pierce avenue. Rev. Father Bernard Lee, Pastor. 

St. Joseph's Church — Sixth ward, corner of Houston avenue 
and Kane street. Rev. Father Thomas F. Banfield, Pastor. 

St. Patrick's Church — Fifth ward, corner of Maury and 
Conti streets. Rev. Father M. M. Crowe, Pastor. 


Mrs. J. C. Garey President. 

Miss Annie Hume Secretary and Treasurer. 


Mrs. Estelle Brady, 

Mrs. E. K. Taylor, 

Mrs. Columbia Hume, 

Mrs. F. Poland, 

Mrs. Meyers, 

Mrs. Giraud, and others. 

Mrs. J. O. Carr, 
Mrs. Ed Browne, 
Mrs. Z. T. Lillard, 
Mrs. Jos. Hellen, 
Mrs. De Foe, 
Mrs. W. E. Kendall, 

Ifiret Jpreet^terian Gburcb* 

Main street, corner of McKinney avenue. Rev. W. H. 
Leavell, D. D., Pastor. 


Mrs. D. P. Stuart President. 

Mrs. George Kidd Vice-President. 

Mrs. E. N. Gray Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. I. P. Jones Recording Secretary. 

Miss Lelia Hutchison Treasurer. 


Mrs. Edwin Adey, Mrs. R. W. Knox, 

Mrs. Jennie Burton, Miss Kasson, 

Mrs. M. Bagby, Mrs. Fred Kneeland, 

Mrs. George Bringhurst, Mrs. W. H. Leavell, 

Mrs. C. W. Bein, Mrs. F. M. Lassiter, 

Mrs. Jas. A. Baker, Mrs. Will Macatee, 

Mrs. J. G. Boyd, Mrs. N. S. Meldrum, 

Mrs. Bell, Mrs. J. R. Meyer, 

Mrs. Annie Bates, Mrs. G. W. Norrell, 

Mrs. E. C. Crawford, Mrs. C. W. Nelson, 

Mrs. O. B. Caldwell, Mrs. J. K. Porter, 

Mrs. Chas. Dillingham, Mrs. B. T. Perkins, 

Mrs. M. E. Davis, Mrs. J. Robertson, 

Mrs. D. Daniels, Mrs. Oscar Renaud, 

Mrs. E. Dunlop, Mrs. D. P. Stuart, 

Mrs. F. M. Davis, Mrs. J. W. Scott, 

Mrs. W. A. De La Matyr, Mrs. C. W. Sedgwick, 

Mrs. E. L. Dennis, Mrs. C. Schilobo, 

Mrs. B. A. Everts, Mrs. C. H. Sprong, 

Mrs. S. FiQuet, Mrs. E. W. Sewall, 

Mrs. L. Folk, Mrs. C. F. Schultz, 

Mrs. E. J. Fife, Mrs. W. B. Slosson, 

Mrs. George Gaines, Mrs. D. G. Shelby, 

Mrs. M. Gill, Mrs. Horace Taylor, 


E. N. Gray, 


E. W. Taylor, 


Geo. Gibbons, 


H. D. Taylor, 


J. N. Gibson, 


Lula Tankersiey, 


J. P. Galbraith, 


S. Taliaferro, 


Saliie Griffin, 


R. P. Toole, 


W. J. Hancock, 


E. G. B. Usher, 


John Huey, 


W. B. Urwitz. 


S. Hurd, 


N. J. Vandervoort, 


Lelia Hutchison, 




W. S. Hipp, 


B. L. Vineyard, 


Will Inman, 


W. S. Wall, 


H. A. Jones, 


Justin White, 


I. P. Jones, 


Edgar Watkins, 


Geo. Kidd, 


J. G. Walker, 


Will Kidd, 


Thos. Wilson. 

1barD$ Street Presbyterian Gburcb (5tb TMarfc.) 

Rev. J. A. Ramsay Pastor. 

Xubbocfe Street Presbyterian Gburcb, 

Rev. J. A. Ramsay Pastor. 

Second presbpterian Gburcb* 

Lamar avenue and Crawford street. 
Rev. J. S. Tenney Pastor. 

Cumberland presbpterian (Tburcb. 

Pease avenue, between Main and Fannin streets. 
Rev. J. M. Halsell Pastor. 


Westminster Presbyterian durcb. 

Rusk avenue, corner of Louisiana street. 

Rev. Edwin McNutt Pastor. 

Miss Eva Hengy Leader of the Choir. 


Mrs. Ruell Bartlett President. 

Mrs. J. C. McNutt Vice-President. 

Miss Melissa Miller Secretary and Treasurer. 

ffirst Gburcb of Cbrist, Scientist, 

of Houston, Texas. Corner of McKinney avenue and Travis 

Mr. O. B. Kone, Mrs. Emma L. Webb, 

Mr. Chas. Guenard, Mrs. Buelah G. Hines. 

Mrs. Bryan Heard, 

Readers — Mrs. C. H. Meyers, Mrs. J. H. Kirby. 

Second Gburcb of Cbrist, Scientist, 

of Houston, Texas. Main street, between McKinney and 
Lamar avenues. 

Mrs. Lula H. Bond President. 

Mrs. Lon M. Marston Clerk. 

Mr. Stonewall Bond Treasurer. 

Mrs. Lula H. Bond, Mrs. Grace C. Ruby, 

Mrs. Lon. M. Marston, Mr. James M. Means, 

Mrs. Emma A. Bujac, Mr. Lewis Anderson. 


Central Gbristtan Gburcb, 

Corner of Caroline and Capitol avenue. 

Rev. J. C. Mason Pastor. 

Rev. H. B. Lingan Assistant. 


Mr. J. H. Roberts, Mr. Win. Hunter, 

Mr. H. P. Roberts, Mr. W. W. Wilson, 

Mr. Ingham Pyle, Mr. J. F. Miller. 

Mr. D. F. Bartholomew. 


Mrs. C. W. Fellows President. 

Mrs. H. F. Roberts Vice-President. 

Miss Lizzie Lubbock Secretary. 

Mrs. Wm. Hunter Treasurer. 

first Baptist Cburcb* 

Corner of Rusk avenue and Fannin street. 

Mrs. Ella Downey President. 

Mrs. Charles Stewart Vice-President. 

Mrs. Julia Smith Vice-President. 

Mrs. G. W. Baldwin Treasurer. 

Mrs. A. T. Lucas Secretary. 

Sbearn /iDemorial /!&♦ ]£♦ Gburcb* 

Texas avenue, between Travis and Milam streets. 

Rev. E. W. Soloman Minister. 

811 McKinney avenue. Phone 975. 

Mrs. I. M. E. Blandin President. 

Mrs. H. B. Rice Vice-President. 

Mrs. Jackson Second Vice-President. 

Mrs. Beall Third Vice-President. 

Mrs. Metcalf Recording Secretary. 

Mrs. G. W. Schultz Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. Seth Shard Treasurer. 

^Tabernacle /IB. ]£. Gburcb. 

Polk avenue, corner of Caroline street. 
Rev. H. C. Willis Minister. 

WLashiwQton Street /ID* B. Gburcb* 

Rev. J. W. Horn Minister. 

ZlDclRee Street /fc. IE. Cburcb. 

Rev. M. Green, Minister. 


l>ouno tfften's Cbnstian Bssociatioru 

S. A. Kincaide General Secretary. 

R. E. Bartlett, Jr., Physical Director. 

1009% Texas avenue. 


J. I. Campbell President. 

E. W. Taylor Vice-President. 

H. C. Breaker Treasurer. 

Wm. A. Wilson, Jr Recording Secretary 

J. V. Dealy, Edgar Watkins, 

R. D. Gribble, Arch L. Marshall, 

W. B. Jones, S. E. Tracy. 

A. Sessums Cleveland, (One vacancy.) 


The social, physical, intellectual and spiritual improvement 
of young men. 

Reception and game room. 


Reading room. 

Circulating library. 




Educational classes. 

Religious meetings. 

Receptions, etc. 

Rooms open on week days from 9:00 a. m. to 10:00 p. m., 
and on Sundays from 3:00 to 6:00 p. m. 


XaDies' Buxtltar^ ffi. /ID. C. B. 


Mrs. I. M. E. Blandin President. 

Mrs. W. B. Slosson Secretary. 

Miss Amy Bering Treasurer. 

Vice-President from First Presbyterian Church — Mrs. Willie. 

Vice-President from First Baptist Church — Mrs. Downey. 

Vice-President from Shearn Church — Mrs. M. J. Bering. 

Vice-President from Second Presbyterian Church — Mrs. Sb>i- 

Vice-President from Second Baptist Church — Mrs. Courts. 

Vice-President from Tabernacle, M. E. C. S. — Miss Mary 

Vice-President from Washington Street M. E. C. S. — Mrs. 

Vice-President from Christ Church — Mrs. T. C. Swope. 

Vice-President from Trinity Mission — Mrs. Kittrell. 

Vice-President from Christian Church — Mrs. Roberts. 

Vice-President from McAshan M. E. C. S. — Mrs. Williams. 

Woman's Cbristian temperance XHnion* 

Mrs. W. D. Mihills President. 

Mrs. Ada Griffin Recording Secretary. 

Mrs. E. S. Tracy Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. N. L. Mills Treasurer. 



Kate Burke, 


Sarah Orvis, 


C. A. Bacon, 


C. S. Penfield, 


Will Baugh, 


H. T. Reel, 


Chas. Bering, 


E. G. Rust, 


Jas. Breeding, 


F. S. Rooke, 


A. C. Bullitt, 


A. J. Selmreman, 


M. E. Black, 


W. H. Speerey, 


Mary Britton, 


Chas. Stewart 



Miss Dee Stewart, 


J. I. Campbell, 


F. M. Van Horn, 


L. L. Cohen, 


D. Woodhead, 


C. B. Collier, 


H. White, 


H. M. Couch, 


J. D. Waters, 


D. R. Chapman, 


E. J. Yates, 


J.' W. Davis, 


John Steele, 


Sam Dixon, 


R. S. Stephens, 


L. S. Fawcett, 


J. W. Morgan, 


B. S. Fitzgerald, 


S. F. Carter, 


J. H. Gonterman, 


J. H. Shumaker, 


G. Heyne, 


G. W. Story, 


W. B. Jones, 


N. E. Westgate, 


W. Lock, 


A. T. Lucas, 


L. D. Lamkin, 


W. Dawson, 


J. C. Mason, 


F. H. Thompson, 




J. Barrett. 

Xa&ies* Societies* 


Mrs. Jeff N. Miller, Mrs. Benjamin P. Weems, 

Miss Cargill, Cor. Secretary. Mrs. William Carey Crane, 


Lady Washington Chapter, Daughters of the American Rev- 
olution, organized November 14, 1899. 


Mrs. Seabrook W. Sydnor Chapter Regent. 

Mrs. William C. Crane Vice-Regent. 

Mrs. Mary Botts Fitzgerald Recording Secretary. 

Mrs. Margaret Hadley Foster Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. Joseph Chappell HutchesOxY Registrar. 

Mrs. David F. Stuart Treasurer. 

Mrs. Thomas R. Franklin Historian. 

Mrs. W. R. Robertson Librarian. 

Mrs. W. L. Lane Curator. 


Mrs. William C. Crane, Mrs. W. L. Lane, 

Miss Carrie Cargill, Mrs. Henry H. Loomis, 

Mrs. Dillin Brook Cherry, Mrs. Henry P. Ring, 

Mrs. Mary Botts Fitzgerald, Mrs. William R. Robertson, 

Mrs. Margaret H. Foster, Mrs. David F. Stuart, 

Mrs. Thomas R. Franklin, Mrs. Seabrook W. Sydnor, 

Mrs. Charles L. Fitch, Mrs. Susan Rogers Tempest, 

Mrs. Joseph C. Hutcheson, Mrs. Paul Bremond Timpson, 

Mrs. James Journeay, Mrs. Harry T.. Warner. 




Mrs. J. J. McKeever, Jr President. 

Mrs. M. B. Urwitz First Vice-President. 

Mrs. M. G. Howe Second Vice-President. 

Mrs. J. I. Campbell Third Vice-President. 

Mrs. Bernhardt Wall Secretary. 

Mrs. C. H. Milby Treasurer. 

Mrs. R. Gaston Ashe, Mrs. A. Key, 

Mrs. M. E. Berleth, Mrs. A. B. Looscan, 

Mrs. M. J. Briscoe, Mrs. J. J. McKeever, Jr., 

Mrs. J. M. Burroughs, Mrs. M. D. Martin, 

Miss Caro Bryan, Mrs. A. Montgomery, 

Miss Johnelle Bryan, Mrs. A. A. Moore, 

Mrs. J. W. Campbell, Mrs. V. M. Morris, 

Mrs. J. I. Campbell, Mrs. Mila T. Morris, 

Mrs. Lucy Sherman Craig, Mrs. Rosine Ryan, 

Mrs. H. M. Dusenbury, Mrs. Marie B. Urwitz, 

Mrs. J. R. Fenn, Mrs. C. S. Vance, 

Miss Belle Fenn, Mrs. E. H. Vasmer, 

Mrs. G. A. Forsgard, Mrs. Bernhardt Wall, 

Mrs. Margaret H. Foster, Mrs. Emma C. Williams, 

Mrs. Margaret V. Garey, Miss Lillian Lea, 

Mrs. M. G. Howe, Miss Milly Gray Dumble, 

Miss Notie Howard, Miss Mary Walker Calder, 

Mrs. Matilda Hennessy, Miss Rosalie Dumble, 

Mrs. Anson Jones, Mrs. G. R. Bennett. 

Mrs. Louise Alsbury Johns, Mrs. Margaret H. Williams, 
Mrs. W. E. Kendall, Miss Marian Williams, 

harrisburg members. 
Mrs. S. N. Gray, Mrs. S. H. Milby, 

Mrs. Emma V. Henderson, Mrs. Fannie B. Schumacher, 

Mrs. Columbia Hume, Misses Milam, 

Miss Annie Hume, Miss Annie Gray. 


of Houston, Texas. 

Organized November, 1897. Chartered December, 1897. 


Miss Mildred Lee Mrs. M. J. Briscoe, 

(Daughter of Gen. R. E. Lee), Mrs. Anson Jones. 


Mrs. Joseph Chappell Hutcheson President. 

Mrs. Milton G. Howe Treasurer. 

Mrs. Thomas R. Franklin Historian. 

Mrs. Margaret H. Foster President. 

Mrs. L. T. Noyes First Vice-President. 

Mrs. Norman G. Kittrell Second Vice-President. 

Mrs. Mamie Gearing Recording Secretary. 

Mrs. William Christian Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. Philip H. Fall Curator. 


Mrs. Jesse A. Bryan, Mrs. R. S. Lovett, 

Mrs. J. B. Beatty, Mrs. Adele Briscoe Looscan, 

Mrs. Bettie Bryan, Mrs. Charles Houghton Lucy. 

Mrs. C. C. Beavens, Mrs. J. V. Lea. 

Mrs. Wm. P. Bryan, Mrs. J. T. Mahl, 

Miss Emily Beavens. Mrs. S. K. Mcllhenny, 

Mrs. Douglas Campbell, Mrs. Thomas W. Mitchell, 

Mrs. J. J. Clemens, Mrs. William M. Mitchell, 

Mrs. A. G. Cockrell, Mrs. J. Everett McAshan, 

Mrs. W. C. Crane, Mrs. Harris Masterson, 

Mrs. William Christian, Mrs. Joseph A. Mullen, 

Miss Tina Cleveland, Mrs. L. T. Noyes, 

Miss Orlette Crawford. Mrs. A. L. Nelms, 

Miss Carrie Cargill, Mrs. L. S Palfrey (Austin), 

Miss Jennie Criswell, Mrs. B. A. Randolph, 

Mrs. 0. C. Drew, Mrs. W. B. Ransom, 

Mrs. W. J. De Treville, Mrs. David Rice, 

Mrs. Ella Downey, Mrs. Wm. R. Robertson, 


Adelia A. Dunovant, 



Presley K. Ewing, 



Philip H. Fall, 



Thos. R. Franklin, 



Margaret H. Foster, 



Marcellus E. Foster, 



Mary Botts Fitzgerald, 



John J. Gannon, 



Emily V. Gearing, 



Mamie Gearing, 



Milby Henderson, 



R. C. Hodges, 



M. G. Howe, 


Jospeh C. Hutcheson, 



J. A. Huston, 


0. T. Holt, 



A. S. Hall, 



Mary E. Henry, 



Wille Hutcheson, 



Notie Howard, 



Lizzie Hay, 



R. M. Johnston, 



L. E. Krause, 



Norman G. Kittrell, 



Bertha S. Kuhnell, 



George Kidd, 



Mary C. Kidd, 



Alice Kittrell, 

Rubiedick Ramakers, 
Howard F. Smith, 
Seabrook W. Sydnor, 
Annie E. Sydnor, 
Joseph W. Scott, 
D. F. Stuart, 
Daisy Stuart, 
Louisa G. Salter, 
Cordelia S. Shepherd, 
Anna E. Stewart, 
Aileen Sharpe, 
Kate Scurry Terrell, 

(Dallas, Texas,), 
J. H. Trezevant, 

(St. Louis, Mo.), 
Emma Bagby Usher, 
W. V. R. Watson, 
Benjamin F. Weems, 
J. R. Waites, 
P. Carter Walker, 
W. Shannon Wall, 
Bernhardt Wall, 
M. E. Westgate, 
W. R. Webb, 
Willie Terry Webb, 
Bessie H. Warner, 
Minnie Williams 



For the care of friendless children. 1918 Chenevert street. 
Phone 627. 

Mrs. Chas. Stewaet President. 

Mrs. T. W. House Treasurer. 

Mrs. M. E. Bryan Secretary. 



S. S. Ashe. 


C. L. Harby, 


S. L. Allen. 


W. B. Hamblin, 


M. L. Allen, 


J. Harrison, 


Frank Andrews. 


0. T. Holt. 


A. T. Anderson, 


M. T. Jones. 


W. H. Baldwin. 


H. A. Jones. 


James Bute, 


R. L. Jones, 


C. H. Beneke, 


Henry Johnson, 


M. Bagby, 


A. Key, 


M. E. Bryan, 


T. Keller, 


J. B. Beatty, 


J. Kane, 


James A. Baker, 


M. Kelly, 


N. C. Barber, 


Norman G. Kittrell, 


E. C. Blake. 


Robert Keyworth, 


Nathan Brown, 


Theodore Keller, 


Horace Booth, 


M. Lewis, 


W. A. Bailey. 




M. Burns. 




0. L. Brown. 


A. P. Lumm, 


Uvalde Burns, 


M. McAshan, 


Will Bottler, 


S. K. Mellhenny, 


M. E. Bering, 


D. McDonald, 


E. T. Barden, 


M. A. McDowall, 


A. J. Bates, 


L. M. Marston, 


W. P. Bryan, 


J. H. Mittenheimer, 


L. Bender. 


P. W. Michaux, 




L. Meggett, 


R. M. Boyce, 


Sterling Myer, 




C. A. McKinney, 


Dudley D. Bryan, 


Harris Masterson, 


J. I. Campbell, 


J. W. Melvin, 


J. M. Cotton, 


J. L. Mitchell, 


R. S. Collins. 


J. A. Mullen, 


J. 0. Carr, 


C. B. Martin, 


B. P. Coombs, 


James McKee, 


Jennie CriswelL. 


J. T. Mahl, 


Carrie Cummings, 


Thos. R. McGonigle, 


R. A. Chadwick, 


A. L. Nelms, 


B. W. Camp, 


L. T. Noyes, 

Mrs. S. F. Carter, Mrs. 

Mrs. T. W. Cronan, Mrs. 

Mrs. R. C. Cummings, Mrs. 

Mrs. Frank Colby, Mrs. 

Mrs. Charles Culmore, Mrs. 

Mrs. W. C. Crane, Mrs. 

Mrs. William Christian, Mrs. 

Mrs. W. B. Chew, Mrs. 

Mrs. Charles Dillingham, Mrs. 

Mrs. O. C. Drew. Mrs. 

Mrs. A. S. Dyer, Miss 

Mrs. B. J. Dodge, Mrs. 

Mrs. J. G. Decker. Mrs. 

Mrs. Ella Downey, Mrs. 

Mrs. E. L. Dennis, Mrs. 

Mrs. E. H. Dumble, Mrs. 

Mrs. E. K. Dillingham, Mrs. 

Mrs. John F. Dickson, Mrs. 

Mrs. Presley K. Ewing, Mrs. 

Mrs. W. R. Eckhardt, Mrs. 

Mrs. B. S. Fitzgerald, Mrs. 

Mrs. Gus Fredericks, Mrs. 

Mrs. Marcellus E. Foster, Mrs. 

Mrs. J. A. Fellows. Mrs. 

Mrs. C. W. Fellows, Mrs. 

Miss Sadie Fitze, Mrs. 

Mrs. T. S. Foster, Mrs. 

Mrs. F. Flaxman, Mrs. 
Mrs. Mary Botts Fitzgerald, Mrs. 

Mrs. R. V. Fleig, Mrs. 

Mrs. J. K. P. Gillaspie, Mrs. 

Mrs. H. W. Garrow, Mrs. 

Mrs. G. A. Gibbons, Mrs. 

Miss Mamie Grogan, Mrs. 

Miss Mattie Grogan, Mrs. 

Mrs. M. P. George. Mrs. 

Mrs. Grinstead, Mrs. 

Mrs. J. Z. Gaston, Mrs. 

Mrs. E. Greenberg, Mrs. 

Mrs. J. E. Green, Mrs. 

Mary Palfrey, 
L. Queyrouze, 
H. B. Rice. 
L. M. Rich, 
Sam Roos, 
Ingham Seward, 
Frank Reichardt, 

B. A. Randolph, 
R. Ramakers, 

Ella R,athman, 
W. B. Ransone, 
Rosine Ryan, 
David Rice, 
Tom Richardson, 
W. B. Slosson, 
Charles Stewart, 

C. F. Schultz. 
D. F. Stuart. 

Charles Shearn, 
A. Stude, 
Annie E. Sydnor, 
Howard Smith, 
W. G. Sears 
J. H. Stadler. 
Gus Schulte, 
John Shearn, 
H. D. Taylor, 
M. V. Tajan, 
G. A. Taft. 
L. Thiel, 
J. H. Trezevant, 
S. R. Tuggle, 
Paul Timpson, 
W. B. Taylor, 
M. L. Varenne, 
W. G. Van Vleck, 
W. S. Wall, 
C. A. Werner, 
Grafton Waples, 


M. Greenberg, 


H. T. Warner. 


J. J. Gannon, 


Seth Ward. 


T. W. House, 


P. Carter Walker, 


A. G. Howell. 


John D. Woolford, 


Charles S. Hume. 


Edna Dee Woolford, 


J. C. Hooper, 


C. W. Welch. 


J. H. Hall, 


W. I. Williamson, 


E. Y. Hartwell, 


Rebecca Wagner, 


L. Heidingsfelder, 


Charles Weiss, 


Henry Henke, 


M. A. Westcott, 


Archie Hall, 




R. F. Holman, 


R. S. Lovett. 


Pansy Holman, 

Located at 1517 Hutchins street. 
Opened March 1st, 1896. Object: Home for homeless and 
friendless old women. 


Mrs. M. J, Briscoe Honorary President. 

Mrs. M. C. Crane President. 

Mrs. M. T. Morris First Vice-President. 

Mrs. Mary Palfrey Second Vice President. 

Mrs. J. B. Bowles Third Vice-President. 

Mrs. Mary Palfrey Secretary. 

Mrs. H. E. Schaeffer Treasurer. 

Mrs. Seabrook Sydnor, Mrs. M. E. Foster, 

Mrs. I. P. Hutchison, Mrs. Mary Palfrey, 

Mrs. T. L. Larkin. Mrs. J. B. Bowles. 

Mrs. J. Journeay, Mrs. H. C. Reese 

Mrs. M. J. Briscoe, Mrs. Wm. H. Crank, 

Mrs. M. T. Morris. Mrs. H. E. Fuller, 

Mrs. A. E. Schaeffer, Mrs. E. R. Richardson, 

Mrs. T. W. House, Mrs. Jesse Bryan, 

Mrs. B. S. Fitzgerald, Mrs. O. T. Holt. 

Mrs. Seymour Brasher, Mrs. Charles Stewart, 


Mrs. Harris Masterson, 
Mrs. E. Sewall. 
Mrs. H. M. Leavitt 
Mrs. George Volck. 
Mrs. M. L. Varenne, 
Mrs. A. F. Warley, 
Mrs. W. V. R. Watson, 
Mrs. A. P. Sauer, 
Mrs. Wm. Robertson, 
Mrs. Wm. C. Crane, 

Mrs. P. Carson. 
Mrs. J. Wilson, 
Mrs. M. V. Taylor, 
Mrs. W. A. Bailie, 
Mrs. John Sweeny, 
Mrs. M. E. C. Neville, 
Mrs. Charles Parker, 
Mrs. C. H. Dillingham, 
Mrs. B. R. Warner. 

Xiteran? Heeociatione. 


Organized during the Republic of Texas; Chartered by the 
State Legislature in 1848; reorganized in 1856, 1865 and 1881. 

Library in the Mason Building. Open every day. Reading 
room free to the public. 


Mr. J. H. Ruby President. 

Mr. L. Berry Moody Vice-President. 

Mr. J. Everett McAshan Treasurer. 

Miss Adaline O'Conor Librarian. 


Organized in January, 1900. Meets at call of the President. 
Ladies' Reading Club, Mansfield Dramatic Club, 

Woman's Club, Current Literature Club, 

Shakespeare Club, Uxoris Club. 


Organized in April, 1885. Charter member of both City and 
State Federations. Colors : Rose-pink and Green ; Flower, the 
pink Texas Star. Object: Study; Special work; Establish- 
ment and Maintenance of a Public Library in Houston. 

The Club meets every Tuesday afternoon in the Lyceum 
Hall in Mason Block. 



Mrs. P. K. Ewing President. 

Mrs. W. B. Slosson and Mrs. H. F. MacGregor, Mice-Presidents. 

Mrs. C. P. Beutkl Recording Secretary. 

Miss Celeste Bujac Corresponding Secretary. 

Mrs. B. A. Randolph Treasurer. 

Mrs. C. B. Foster Librarian. 


Mrs. M. J. Briscoe, Mrs. M. E. Cage, 

Mrs. B. S. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Emma R. Cherry. 


Mrs. E. A. Adey. Mrs. N. G. Kittrell, 

Mrs. A. T. Anderson, Mrs. A. B. Looscan, 

Miss L. Alsworth, Mrs. A. T. Lucas, 

Miss Barlow, Mrs. A. L. Metcalf, 

Mrs. C. F. Beutel, Mrs. H. L. Metcalf, 

Mrs. H. C. Booth, Mrs. Mila Morris, 

Mrs. S. C. Brasher, Mrs. H. F. MacGregor, 

Miss Celeste Bujac, Mrs. C. A. McKinney, 

Miss Lida Buckingham, Mrs. G. W. Neville, 

Mrs. Horace Cumming, Mrs. C. S. Penfield, 

Miss Estelle Cardwell, Mrs. Si Packard, 

Mrs. E. B. Cushing, Mrs. H. F. Ring, 

Miss Libbie Dunn, Mrs. B. A. Randolph, . 

Mrs. P. K. Ewing, Mrs. Robins, 

Mrs. Orville Ewing, Mrs. H. L. Rodgers, 

Mrs. C. B. Foster, Mrs. W. B. Slosson, 

Mrs. M. E. Foster, Mrs. C. L. Sumbardo, 

Mrs. R. M. Hall, Mrs. M. J. Temby, 

Mrs. M. G. Howe, Mrs. E. S. Tracy, 

Mrs. E. A. Holland, Mrs. Max Urwitz, 

Mrs. I. P. Hutchison, Mrs. G. W. Walker, 

Mrs. J. R. Jeter, Miss Carrie Williamson, 

Mrs. M. B. John. Mrs. W. A. de la Matyr. 


Organized December 8th, 1893. Member of State and City 
Federation. Object: To create solidarity of feeling among 
women upon a basis of common interest; to further literary 
culture; to encourage education, and last, but not least, to 
prove that a fine social life is the end and result of the best 

Meets each Wednesday afternoon in Temperance Hall, Texas 


Mrs. Z. S. Lillard President. 

Mrs. F. B. King First Vice-President. 

Mrs. P. S. Hamblen Second Vice-President. 

Miss Mamie Gearing Secretary. 

Mrs. A. K. Taylor Treasurer. 

Mrs. R. S. Nosworthy Critic. 

Mrs. J. E. Garey Librarian. 


Mrs. J. T. Brady, Miss Sadie Sittig. 

Mrs. A. S. Dyer, Miss Kate Mellinger, 

Mrs. W. D. Hume, Miss Alice Rushmore, 

Mrs. W. E. Kendall, Miss Gabrielle Lavielle, 

Mrs. L. E. Krause, Miss Hester Mitchell, 

Mrs. V. Leman, Miss Evelyn Gardner, 

Mrs. S. McNeil, Miss Jennie Criswell, 

Mrs. P. C. Walker, Mrs. Simms, 

Mrs. Wm. Eckardt, Mrs. Vaughn, 

Mrs. Anslie, Mrs. Fellows, 


Organized in 1892. For the study of Shakespeare. Member 
of City Federation of Clubs. 
Club day — Thursday. 
Club colors — Purple and gold. 
Club flower — Pansy. 


Mrs. James W. Lockett President. 

Miss Genevieve Johnson Vice-President. 

Miss Edith Hull Secretary and Treasurer. 

Miss Gussie Howard Librarian;. 


(Limited to twenty.) 

Mrs. J. W. Lockett, Mrs. E. Raphael, 

Miss Genevieve Johnson, Mrs. Vasmer, 

Miss Edith Hull, Mrs. S. Hull, 

Miss Cora Redwood, Mrs. Gannon, 

Miss Lydia Adkisson, Miss Gussie Howard, 

Miss Cora Schoenmann, Miss Ida Nussbaum, 

Miss Cora Campbell, Mrs. Garber, 

Miss Mary Watson, Mrs. Volck, 

Mrs. I. G. Gerson, Miss Annie Warner. 


Member of City Federation of Clubs. Club rooms, No. 1217 
San Jacinto street. 

Object: Cultivation, improvement and pleasure for its 
members in dramatic and musical art. 

Meetings: Annual business meeting, last Monday in Jan- 
uary of each year. Social meetings monthly at such time as 
given by social committee appointed for that particular 
month. Book exchange, each Saturday afternoon and evening. 

Club Library open at all times. 


Mr. David B. Perkins President. 

Mr. R. A. Chadwick, Jr Secretary and Treasurer. 

Mr. Geo. H. Hervey Stage Manager. 

Mr. J. G. Albert Property Man. 

Miss Mabel Guion Librarian. 

Mr. A. B. Kidd Musical Director. 

Mrs. William Christian, Miss Aline Knight, Mr. A. G. Powell. 

E. T. Barden, Miss Algie Angell, 

David Perkins, J. G. Albert. 

J. S. Stewart, F. A. Reichardt, 

R. A. Chadwick, Jr., Mrs. F. A. Reichardt . 

Mrs. "William Christian, Miss Lizzie Dwyer, 

Miss Maida McLeod, F. A. Hervey, Jr., 

Miss Mabel Guion, Jesse Andrews, 

Miss Bessie Hughes, Dr. E. H. Green, 

Miss Mathilda Lorenzen, Til Tilford, 

Miss Aline Knight, Dr. Earl Stafford, 

Guy McLaughlin, C. R. Munger, 

H. S. H. Wilson, Miss Annie N. Davis, 

G. B. Griggs, Dr. Geo. T. Swail, 

Otto Pape, A. L. Marshall, 

C. A. Williams, B. F. Louis. 

H. C. Hervey, Geo. H. Hervey, 

F. A. Heitman, T. Clarence Kendall, 

W. E. Kendall, T. H. Franklin, 

R. L. Treadway, Ivan Murchison, 

Dr. G. L. Short, Mrs. John T. Lockman, 

Harold Woodhead, Miss Eva Sumbardo, 

A. G. Powell, Mrs. E. J. Henninger, 

A. B. Kidd, J. G. Borne, 

W. W. Chamberlin, Miss Ella B. Woodruff, 

Mrs. W. W. Chamberlin, E. T. Chew, 

R. B. Savage, Mrs. R. Treadway, 

F. A. Wyatt, 


Member of City Federation of Clubs. 
Object: Social and literary enjoyment. Meets each Tues- 
day afternoon at the residence of a member. 


Mrs. B. K. Bering President. 

Mrs. Thos. Bowers Secretary. 

Mrs. Morris Womack Treasurer. 


Mrs. Seth E. Tracy, Mrs. Guy Jones, 

Mrs. Cyril de Pue Rosecrans, Mrs. Henry Curtin, 

Mrs. John Asa Wilkins, Mrs. Frank Hurley, 

Mrs. Morris Womack, Mrs. George McCormick, 

Mrs. Jeff. D. Bryant, Mrs. Henry Howze, 

Mrs. Thomas Bowers. Mrs. B. K. Bering. 


For the study of contemporary literature. Organized May, 
1899. Member of the City Federation of Clubs. Meets alter- 
nate Tuesday mornings at the residences of members. 


Mrs. Si Packard President. 

Mrs. J. W. Maxcy First Vice-President. 

Mrs. Eugene Blake Second Vice-President. 

Mrs. Horace Booth Recording Secretary. 

Mrs. B. A. Randolph Corresponding Secretary. 

Miss Celeste Bujac Treasurer. 

Mrs. D. G. Dunlap Librarian. 

Mrs. Jas. Adair, Mrs. Charles Golding, 

Mrs. W. C. Bailey, Mrs. Ben D. Knox. 

Mrs. E. C. Blake, Mrs. J. L. Lockman, 

Mrs. Horace Booth, Mrs. J. W. Maxcy, 

Mrs. Ed. Burns, Mrs, Norman Meldrum, 

Miss Celeste Bujac, Mrs. N. M. Norfleet, 

Mrs. Tom Brown, Mrs. Si Packard, 

Mrs. Geo. Berleth, Mrs. B. A. Randolph, 

Mrs. S. F. Carter, Mrs. Ed. Smith, 

Mrs. D. G. Dunlap, Mrs. Mary Pickens, 

Mrs. P. K. Ewing 

A Ladies' Musical Club. Organized in 1895. 


Mrs. N. C. Munger President. 

Mrs. Thos. Coleman Vice-President. 

Mrs. John Sweeny Secretary. 

Mrs. R. R. Roff Treasurer. 

Miss Elizabeth Brinsmade Librarian. 

Mr. R. B. Savage Musical Director. 


Mrs. A. G. Hume, Miss Bessie Hughes, 

Mrs. J. I. Campbell, Miss Edith Green, 

Mrs. Percy Allen, Miss Fanny Culmore, 

Mrs. Otto Witte, Miss Lula Illfrey, 

Mrs. E. W. Hutchinson, Miss Nannie Thompson, 

Mrs. John Shearn, Miss Lillian Lea, 

Mrs. J. Tempest, Miss Fannie Archer, 

Mrs. R. R. Roff, Miss Frankye Dolen, 

Mrs. C. W. Lewis, Miss Althea Jones, 

Mrs. Thos. Lawrence, Miss Elizabeth Brinsmade, 

Mrs. C. D. Pittman, Miss Gertrude Bleakney, 

Mrs. D. D. Cooley, Miss Bessie Warner, 

Mrs. John Sweeny, Miss Celeste Bujac, 

Mrs. W. C. Welch, Miss Laura Timmins, 

Mrs. N. C. Munger, Mrs. Charles B. Hervey, 

Mrs. Thomas Coleman, Mrs. M. L. Womack. 

Mrs. W. F. Krahl, Miss Susie Bearing. 
Mrs. R. D. Steele. 


A Young Ladies' Social and Literary Club. Meets fortnight- 
ly at the residences of the members. 


Miss Ida Cunyus President. 

Miss Ethel Richardson Vice-President. 

Miss Mary Gilmer Secretary. 


Edith House, 
Mable Windle, 
Hallie Todd. 
Louie Todd, 
May Bering, 
Jennie Bering, 
Althea Jones, 
Maimie Hanna, 
Jessie Womack, 


Miss Estelle Morrison, 
Miss Susie Hurley, 
Miss A. Laurie Davidson, 
Miss Mollie E. Daviss, 
Miss Leota Pelham, 
Miss Emma Stansfield, 
Miss Amy Bering, 
Miss Carrie Hardesty. 


Object: Mutual instruction and amusement. Also, to en- 
courage and foster in the community a more lively interest in 

Organized in January, 1900. Meets on Mondays at resi- 
dences of members. 


Mrs. C. R. Cummings President. 

Mrs. D. D. Cooley Vice-President. 

Mrs. Fred Dexter Secretary. 


Mrs. D. D. Cooley, Mrs. H. P. Mansfield, 

Mrs. C. A. McKinney, Mrs. J. A. Tempest, 

Mrs. Dr. Whipple, Mrs. Stewart, 

Mrs. C. R. Cummings, Mrs. John Boyles, 

Mrs. Emma Lee Brooks, Mrs. Young, 

Mrs. Fred Dexter, Miss Myrtle Brooke, 

Mrs. O. M. Pudor, Miss Annie Thielen. 

Mrs. F. C. Van Liew. Miss Alice Thielen. 

Mrs. J. M. Limbooker. Miss Evelyn Sharp, 

Mrs. J. H. Milroy, Miss Hannah. 

Mrs. Penn Thornton. Mrs. Win. Peacock. 


For the investigation and study of philosophy, science and 
art in all their branches, for the purpose of bettering the 
material and spiritual conditions of mankind. Organized in 
January, 1899. Meets each Thursday night in Lj^ceum Hall, 
Mason Building. 


Mr. James Charlton President. 

Mrs. W. J. Cotton Vice-President. 

Mrs. V. F. Phelps Secretary and Treasurer. 

Number of membership unlimited. 

h Southern Pacific^ 

sunset route;. 

Daily Train Service with Buffet Sleepers, Between 

IVe^w Orleans, Mexico and California. 


Service Between \ GALVESTON and SAN ANTON/0. 


Free Chair Cars Between 

New Orleans and Denison via Houston and 
H.&T.C. R.R. 

Pullman Ordinary Sleepers from Washington, Cincinnati and Chicago via 
New Orleans to Pacific Coast Points and Return. All Trains connect at New 
Orleans for New York, Washington, D. C, Atlanta, Memphis, Cincinnati, 
St. Louis and Chicago. 


Pass. Traf. Mgr. HOUSTON, TEXAS. G. P. & T. A. 


Social Clubs* 

Mason Building. 


Jno. F. Dickson President. 

W. G. Van Vleck Vice-President. 

B. P. Bailey Secretary and Treasurer. 


E. R. Richardson, "W. S. Hunt, 
T. H. Stone, L. J. Parks, 
Geo. A. Clark, John McClellan. 


F. Cargill, J. J. Atkinson. 
L. Hohenthal, 


Mr. A. L. Abrahams, Mr. John H. Kirby, 

Mr. W. E. Anderson, Mr. R. S. Lovett, 

Mr. James Appleby, Mr. A. M. Lawson, 

Mr. J. J. Atkinson, Mr. A. N. Lewis, 

Mr. James A. Baker, Mr. J. W. McCutcheon, 

Mr. Waller T. Burns, Mr. C. C. Maingay, 

Mr. C. W. Bein, Mr. W. M. Mitchell, 

Mr. C. F. Byers, Mr. John McClellan, 

Mr. A. Breyer, Mr. Sam McNeil, 

Mr. B. P. Bailey, Mr. J. T. Mason, 

Mr. J. B. Bowles, Mr. Jos. A. Mullen, 

Mr. David N. Barry, Mr. S. F. B. Morse, 

Mr. Hammond Brown, Mr. W. K. Morrow, 

Mr. W. B. Clarkson, Mr. M. A. Mitaranga, 

Mr. P. Carson, Mr. Jeff N. Miller, 

Mr. Geo. A. Clark, Mr. W. H. Norris, 

Mr. W. B. Chew, Mr. Geo. W. Neville, 

Mr. Frank Cargill, Mr. E. B. Parker, 


Mr. W. D. Cleveland, 
Mr. Chas. Dillingham, 
Mr. John F. Dickson, Jr., 
Mr. E. K. Dillingham, 
Mr. E. L. Dennis, 
Mr. John F. Dickson, 
Mr. Andrew Dow, 
Mr. H. S. Fox. 
Mr. T. W. Ford, 
Mr. T. C. Ford, 
Mr. R. W. Gamble, 
Mr. A. S. Hall, 
Mr. O. T. Holt, 
Mr. F. A. Heitman, 
Mr. Eugene A. Heyck, 
Mr. L. Hohenthal, 
Mr. H. Henke. 
Mr. W. S. Hunt, 
Mr. J. C. Hutcheson, 
Mr. Joseph Hellen, 
Mr. J. H. Jones, 
Mr. Frank C. Jones, 
Mr. W. H. Kirkland, 


L. J. Parks, 

R. E. Paine. 

W. H. Palmer. 

C. G. Pillot, 

A. W. Pollard. 

A. P. Root, 

H. Roberts, 

J. J. Ryan, 

C. W. Robinson, 

W. M. Rice, 

E. R. Richardson 

L. C. Read, 

J. M. Rockwell, 

T. H. Stone, 

C. Schwartz, Jr., 

T. H. Thompson, 

W. B. Turner, 

W. G. Van Vleck, 

H. S. H. Wilson, 

C. S. Wigg, 

Edgar Watkins, 

C. Arthur Williams; 



Mr. N. S. Meldrum President. 

Mr. Abbott Cockrell Vice-President. 

Mr. I. Austin Miller Treasurer. 

Mr. Spencer Hutchins Leader. 

Mr. C J. Crane, Jr Secretary. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. A. Baker, 
Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Carson, 

Mr. H. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Crane, 

Mr. Louis Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Carr, 

Mr. E. H. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Cochran, 

Mr. C. E. Blankenship, Mr. and Mrs. E. Cargill, 

Mr. W. H. Curth, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Coyle, 

Mr. J. F. Dickson, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Dickson, 

Mr. H. W. Downey, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dorrance, 

Mr. A. E. Everts, Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Ewing, 

Mr. J. H. Eagle, Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Foster, 

Mr. W. B. Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Foster, 

Mr. T. H. Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Fitch, 

Mr. John Foley, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Gannon, 

Mr. J. A. Giraud, Mr. and Mrs. H. Henke, 

Mr. R. Giraud, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Heitman, 

Mr. R. E. George, Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Herring, 

Mr. J. L. Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Holt, 

Mr. E. Heyck, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. House, 

Mr. W. T. Hancock, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Johnston, 

Mr. E. A. Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. F. B. King, 

Mr. C. B. Hervey, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kirkland, 

Mr. F. A. Hervey, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Kirby, 

Mr. D. E. Huey, Mr. and Mrs. R. Keyworth, 

Mr. G. M. Harcourt, Mr. and Mrs. A. Key. 

Mr. R. A. Josey, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Lovett, 

Mr. J. H. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Metten- 

Mr. N. G. Kittrell, Jr., heimer, 

Mr. George Kidd, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Meyer, 


Mr. Odin Kendall, 
Mr. H. D. Lea. 
Mr. B. R. Latham, 
Mr. R. T. Morriss, 
Mr. John McClellan, 
Mr. Sam Mcllhenny, 
Mr. S. O. Noyes, 
Mr. M. Porter, 
Mr. R. W. Scott 
Mr. Earl Stafford, 
Mr. J. V. Tackaberry, 
Mr. C. A. Williams, 
Mr. T. B. Williams. 
Mr. F. W. Williams, 
Mr. W. A. Wood, 
Mr. J. V. Bell, 
Mr. G. A. Quinlan, 

Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr.a nd Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Mr. and Mrs. 

H. F. MacGregor, 
R. B. Morris, 
G. A. Mistrot, 
S. F. B. Morse, 
E. B. Parker, 
C. H. Pescay, 
H. F. Ring, 
J. O. Ross. 
John Shearn, 
G. W. Steiff, 
R. C. Stuart, 
J. R. Stuart, 
S. R. Tuggle, 
W. B. Turner, 
W. H. Taylor, 
T. H. Thompson, 


OFFICERS, 1900. 

L. J. Parks President. 

E. K. Dillingham Vice-President. 

B. P. Bailey Secretary-Treasurer. 


L. J. Parks, chairman; B. P. Bailey, 

E. K. Dillingham, T. Arthur Cargill. 
M. E. Foster, 


Frank Andrews, John H. Mettenheimer, 

W. V. Angle, Sterling Meyer, 

James Appleby, Jeff N. Miller, 

B. P. Bailey, R. B. Morris, 
Eugene Bonner, S. F. B. Morse, 

D. N. Barry, N. S. Meldrum, 

C. W. Bein, Geo. McCormick, 
C. H. Brown, H. F. MacGregor, 
James A. Baker, Jr., Jos. A. Mullen, 
Ennis Cargill, L. J. Parks, 

T. A. Cargill, A. W. Pollard, 

F. Cargill, E. B. Parker, 
Phil Carson. Geo. L. Price, 

E. H. Dumble, E. A. Peden, 

E. K. Dillingham, C. W. G. Rareshide, 
C. Dillingham, F. A. Reichardt, 

O. C. Drew, Jr., W. D. Sherwood, 

A. Delgado, I. Seward, 

M. E. Foster, J. R. Stuart, 

O. T. Holt. T. H. Stone, 

W. H. Kirkland, John Shearn, 

W. H. Hurley, Paul Timpson, 

R. W. Knox, W. H. Taylor, 

Robert Keyworth, Walter Torrey, 

F. R. King, D. S. Weir. 



Organized 1854. 
Present membership, 433, of which 19 are honorary. 


A. Brunner President. 

W. "W. Schmidt Vice-President. 

M. Kattmann Secretary. 

C. H. Kuhlmann Treasurer. 


C. H. Ries, Wm. Dissen, 

H. E. Thomsen, Louis Schwartz, 

L. B. Schulte, Louis Schneider. 
Emile Clede, 

Organized January, 1854. Chartered December 1, 1871. 

Captain E. B. H. Schneider is the only one of the founders 
living; aged 72. 

Pupil of Prof. Beach and wife. This little gen- 
tleman is only 5 years old He dances the Skirt 
Dance, Serpentine, Sand, Jig,Hornpipe, Spanish 
Tambourine, and does a very neat song and 
dance, introducing Cake Walk movements. 

Prof. Monta Beach 
and Wife.... 

Select School 

and Physical 

...Bryan Hall. 


Oct, I lo June I, 

Residence at Hall. 

Both Telephones. 


Abrahams, Dr. and Mrs. James L., 1704 Dallas. 
Abrahams, Mr. Armistead. 

Achenbach, Mr. and Mrs. J., 1018 La Branch. Phone 703, 5R. 
Achenbach, Miss Clara. 
Achenbach, Mr. John Turner. 
Schulte, Mr. and Mrs. Gustave. 

Adair, Mr. and Mrs. James H., 707 Webster. Git. Phone 1202. 
Adair, Miss Blanche. 
Adair, Mr. James. 
Adair, Mr. Chandler. 
Mims, Mrs. S. E. 

Adair, Mrs. Robert, 1104 Main. Phone 1358. 
Adair, Miss Nell. 
Adair, Miss Tot. 

Adey, Mr. and Mrs. E. A., 601 Rosalie. 
Adey, Mr. A. A. 
Adey, Master Edward. 

Adkisson, Miss Lydia, 1407 Travis. 

Albert, Prof, and Mrs. Frederick H., 1503 Clay. 

Albert, Mrs. Laura, 812 Travis. Cit. Phone 725. 
Albert, Mr. Jesse G. 

Aldridge, Miss Clara, 808 Polk. Phone 988. 
Private School. 

Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Baltis, 510 La Branch. Friday. 

Allen, Mr. and Mrs. G. W., 1504 Rusk. Thursday. 


For Sale .... 

Cnoice Residence Lots in 

Houston Heights 

Office 502 Travis St., Houston. 

Res. 18th & Boulevard, Houston Heights. 



Dealer in Imported 


615 Main Street, Masonic Temple, Houston, Texas. 


(Successor to Miss O'Connell.) 


Room 319 Mason Block, 
Houston, Texas. 

Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn, 1913 McKinney. Cit. Phone 549. 

Allen, Mrs. S. L., 1704 Travis. Phone 1312. Wednesday. 
Allen, Hon. A. C. 

Allen, Mrs. D. O., 1015 Capitol. 

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. 

Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Percy, 510 Crawford. Phone 1384. 

Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Sam, 1506 Texas. Phone 1269. 
Allen, Miss Jennie. 
Allen, Miss Ruth. 
Allen, Mr. Eugene. 

Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Sam, Harrisburg. Phone 800, 2R. 
Allen, Miss Lula. 

Alsbury, Mr. and Mrs. Arlington A., 2012 Smith. 

Alsbury, Mr. and Mrs. E. P., 807 Pierce. 
Alsbury, Miss Hattie. 
Alsbury, Miss Mary. 

Alsworth, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. 1716 San Jacinto. Phone 579, 3R. 
Alsworth, Miss. 
Alsworth, Miss Hattie. 
Alsworth, Mr. Willett 

Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.. 2619 Main. Phone 1248. 

McGill, Miss Elizabeth. 
Green, Miss Edith. 

Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 1508 Main. Phone 1268. 
Smith, Mrs. Julia C. 
Smith, Miss Julia C. 
Smith, Miss Hattie E. 

Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M., 1305 Pease. Phone 789. 

Angell, Mrs. Emma E., 803 Main. Phones 512. Wednesday. 
Angell, Miss Algeron Marion. 
Seward, Mr. and Mrs. Ingham R. 

Eureka Springs, 


. .Is the most delightful and convenient. . 

Health and Pleasure Resort 

in the Southwest. 

\ The Elegant CRESCENT HOTEL Opened March 
1st as An All the Year Resort* 


via the 


Write to Manager of Crescent Hotel • 
I for Descriptive Pamphlet. 


Angle, Mrs. S. E.. 803 Lamar. Cit. Phone 1123. 
Angle, Mr. and Mrs. W. Verner. 
Sharpe, Mrs. Nellie E. 
Tarrant, Miss M. B. 

Ansley, Mr. and Mrs. William 0. 3 1514 San Jacinto. Phone 543. 

Appleby, Mr. and Mrs. James. 1606 Main. 
Appleby, Miss Jeanette. 
Fox, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Henry. 

Archer, Mr. and Mrs. James E., 1416 Jackson. Phone 442. 

Archer, Mrs. Maggie, 1903 Clay. 
Archer, Miss Marian M. 

Archer, Dr. and Mrs. William A., 32 Young. Phone 840. 
Archer, Miss. Phones 870. 
Archer, Miss Fannie. 
Archer, Miss Virginia. 

Archer, Mr. and Mrs. T. W., 704 Lamar. Cit. Phone 390. 

Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Baker W., 3302 Main. 

Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. George F., 918 Milam. 

Ashe, Mr. and Mrs. John B., 1906 McKinney. Thursday. 

Ashe, Mr. and Mrs. Gaston R., 1504 San Jacinto. 
Ashe, Miss. 
Ashe, Miss Myra. 
Ashe, Mr. Charles E. 

Ashe, Mr. and Mrs. S. S., 1906 McKinney. Phone 947, 2R. 


Atkinson, Mrs. J. J., 817 San Jacinto. 
Atkinson, Mrs. E. C. 
Atkinson, Miss Eddie A. 
Oliver, Mr. Henry. 

Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph James, 1202 Walker. 


Chief Watch Inspector Local Watch Inspector 
Houston & Texas Central. San Antonio & Aransas 

Mexican International. Pass Railway. 

Houston E. & W. Tex. R. R. S. 


The Honest Watchmaker and Jeweler ♦ 

( GOODS, | Store and Factory, | 

Honest ^ WORK, | 403 Main St. | Houston, 

(PRICES. j 'Phone No. 103. | Texas. 

Schosser's Steam Bakery... 

If you want nourishing, easy, digestible, healthy 
bread, — sweet to the palate — try ours. 

We are using nothing but the best flour, employ 
the best bakers to be had and make our bread with 
machinery insuring a thoroughly good bread. 

Our Cream, Quaker, Graham or Ralston Health 
Bread is sure to please you. Try it. 

509 Dallas Avenue ^ — Phones 81. 

Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. George Alfred, 1218 Polk. 

Bearing, Miss. Pkona 1070. 

Hoover, Mr. Walter D. 

Averitt, Mr. and Mrs. J. A., 1906 Decatur. 
Averitt, Miss Ora. 

Aves, Rev. and Mrs. H. D., (Rectory) 1117 Texas. 
Aves, Miss Katherine E. 

Ayres, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L., 1102 Brazos. 

Bates, Mr. and Mrs. Wharton, 2720 Jackson. Phone 1404. 
Kirkland, Miss Alice B. 

Baer, Mr. and Mrs. R. B., 1602 Rusk. Phone 149. 
Holland, M. D., Miss Margaret E. 

Bagby, Mrs. Mariana, 1010 Smith. 
Usher, Mrs. E. B. 
Usher, Miss Mariana. 
Tankersley, Mrs. Lucy B. 

Bailey, Mrs. Alice, 1116 Capitol. 
Bailey, Mr. Frank. 
Bailey, Mr. Albert. 
Bailey, Mr. Louis. 
Bailey, Mr. Harry. 
Bremond, Mrs. Paul. 

Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin P., 1518 Caroline. Phone 1410. 

Bailie, Mr. and Mrs. Wilton A'Dare, 2919 Brazos. 

Phone 1016, 6R. 

Bailey, Mrs. Anna J. 1603 Crawford. 
Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. 

Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 415 Gray. 
Bailey, Mr. Edmund H. 

. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. James A., 1416 Main. Phone 388. 
Baker, Master Graham. 
Baker, Miss Alice. 

Jas. A. Barer, jr. R. G. Lovett. E. B. Parker. 


Attorneys=at=Law 9 



and Funeral Director. 


Rubber=tired Carriages, Palace Coach or Atnbu* 
lance Promptly Sent on Call. 

Phones 227. 


Real Estate, Rentals and Insurance. 

I Give my Personal Attention to all 
Business placed with me. 

Phone 673 Room 201 Binz Building. 

Baker, Mrs. Thomas James, 702 Polk. 

Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. 1009 Rusk. Phone 768. 

Baldwin, Mrs. Mary S., 1714 Caroline. 
Warner, Mr. and Mrs. H. T. 

Banner, Mr. and Mrs. P. S.. 1203 McGowan. Phone 920. 
Banner, Miss Rebecca. 

Barber, Mr. and Mrs. Milton C, 1701 Lamar. Phone 463. 
Champion, Mrs. E. M. 

Barden, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund, 1412 Leeland. Phone 592. 

Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. W. W., 1104 Smith. 

Barry, Mr. and Mrs. David N., 1504 Jefferson. Phone 889, 4R. 

Bartholomew, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin E., 1701 Milam. 

Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. Ruell E., 1216 Brazos. 

Barziza. Mrs. Clara M., 1206 Travis. 
Barziza, Mr. and Mrs. P. D. 

Bass, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.. 803 Leeland. 
Bass, Miss Lilla. 
Bass, Mr. and Mrs. T. O. 
Bass, Dr. R. C. 
Cunningham, Mrs. M. A. 
Hay, Mrs, G. H. 

Bastain, Mrs. George, 1504 Travis. 
Bastain, Miss Mamie. 
Bastain, Mr. George. 
Bastain, Mr. Henry G. 
Griffin, Miss Sallie S. 

Bates, Mrs. Annie J. 1316 Main. 

Bates, Mr. Hal, 1617 San Jacinto. 

Baugh, Mr. and Mrs. W. M., 1110 Hadley. Phone 1035. 

Baugh, Miss Clara. j 



Galveston to New York I 

Every Wednesday and Saturday, 12 o'clock noon. £$0$ 



The Cheapest and & 

& Most Delightful Route § 

to Key West, Havana and New York g§J 




For Passage, Sailings, Reservation of State Rooms and full ^^ 
information, apply to j^o<2 

MOSE RAPHAEL, Agt, or J. B. DENISON, Agt, g 

913 Franklin Ave., Houston. 2322 Strand, Galveston. c&9 

Beard, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Giles, 2619 San Jacinto. 

Beard, Mr. Stanley. Phone 1412, 3R. 

Beard, Mr. Norman. 

Beavens, Mr. and Mrs. C. C, 716 Jackson. 
Percy, Mrs. 

Bein, Mr. and Mrs. C. W., 1604 Main. Phone 411. 
Bobb, Miss. 

Bell, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 1014 Walker. 

Bell, Mr. J. V., Binz BTdg. Phone 981. 

Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. G. R„ 2401 San Jacinto. 

Bering, Mr and Mrs. August C, 1418 Louisiana. 
Bering, Mr. August, Jr. 

Bering, Mr. and Mrs. B. K., 1209 Polk. 

Bering, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 1317 Louisiana. 

Bering, Miss May. Phone 1010, 4R. 

Bering, Miss Amy. 
Bering, Mr. James P. 
Bering, Mr. Sam. 
Bering, Mr. C. L. 

Bering, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J., 1404 Milam. 
Bering, Mr. and Mrs, J. E., 504 Gray. 

Morrison, Miss Estelle. 
Bering, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. 1010 Milam. 
Bering, Mr. and Mrs. Theo., 704 Bell. Phone 1010, 3R. 

Bering, Miss Jennie. 

Bering, Mr. Theo., Jr. 
Bering, Mr. and Mrs. Theo. C, 403 Gray. 
Berleth, Mr. and Mrs. George, 1311 Fannin. 

Groce, Miss Willeen. 

Taylor, Mrs. I. M. 
Beutel, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad, 1709 Capitol. 
Binz, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob. 1700 San Jacinto. Phone 922. 

Binz, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur. 



Black, Mrs. Mary E., 2515 Prairie. 
Black, Miss Effie. 

Blake, Mrs. Louise, 2203 Travis. 
Blake, Miss. 
Blake, Mr. Calvin N. 

Blake, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C, 1311 Fannin. Phone 1086. 
Blake, Miss Cliftine. 

Blake, Mr. and Mrs. Cabeen. 

Blake, Dr. and Mrs. James Harris, 1517 Texas. Phone 226. 

Blandin, Mrs. Isabelle, 1103 Mcllhenny. Cit. Phone 19. 

Bolmes, Mr. and Mrs. Edward A., 3217 Louisiana. 

Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Stonewall, 1612 Milam. Phone 506. 

Bonner, Mr. Eugene B., 1010 Crawford. Phone 1491. 

Bone, Mr. and Mrs. John D., 2108 San Jacinto. Phone 202. 

Bonner, Mr. and Mrs. B. Frank, 1819 Austin. Phone 796. 
Wier, Dr. and Mrs. D. Stuart. 

Booth, Mr. and Mrs. Horace, 1614 Crawford. Phone 797. 


Borchard, Mr. and Mrs, Daniel, 1413 Prairie. Phone 780. 

Borne, Mr. Godfrey, 1009 Rusk. 

Bowles, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B., 1015 Leeland. Phone 643. 

Box, Dr. and Mrs., 803 Main. Phones 512. 

Boxley, Mrs. Anna H., Fargo Ave., Fairview. Phone 781. 

Botts, Mr. Brown, 1106 McKinney. Phones 842. 
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Mary Botts. 
Rice, Mr. and Mrs. David. 
Mahl, Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas. 
Botts, Miss Nannie. 
Botts, Mr. Tom. 

Boyles, Dr. and Mrs. James M., 1506 Dallas. Phone 246. 


J. W. Jones. W. C Oliver. 

A. L. Abrahams. 


Attorneys and. Counsellors at Law. 

31776 Nlain Street. Phones 65©. 


St. Joseph's Infirmary 

Uuder the Exclusive Charge of the Sisters of Charity 
of the Incarnate Word. 

1910 Crawford Street, Between Calhoun and Pierce Avenues. 

Occupies an Entire Block of Ground. 

The largest and finest institution for invalids in the Southwest. Airy- 
rooms and wards, with all modern improvements and every appointment 
conducive to health. Centrally located in a retired and picturesque part of 
the city. Those desiring a quiet home during illness can find same at this 
institution. Private patients may have their own physicians, at their own 
private expense. 

Terms: From 75c. to $3 per day, according to location of room. 
For further particulars, apply to or address 

23=»Take La Branch and Caroline Street Cars. Houston, Texas. 

Telephones 378. 


Office, Rooms 3 and 4- Capitol. Hotel. 


3 TO 12 AND Z TO 3. 

Boyles, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J., 1203 Rusk. Phone 42. 
Quintan, Miss Annie. 
McMillan, Miss Fannie. 

Bradley, Mrs. M. W., 708 Walker. Phone 1183. 
Bradley, Miss. 

Brady, Mrs. Estelle, Milby St., Harrisburg Road. 
Brady, Miss. 
Brady, Miss Estelle. 
Brady, Mr. Sherman. 

Brashear, Mrs. Kate, 703 Pierce. 
Brashear, Miss 

Brashear, Hon. and Mrs. Samuel H., 210 Pierce. Phone 913. 
Brasher, Mr. and Mrs. Jere C, 1110, San Jacinto. 
Brasher,. Mr. and Mrs. Seymour C, 1812 Austin. 

Swift, Mrs. G. W. 

Swift, Mr. Leo A. 
Breaker, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 417 McKinney. 

Phone 1094, 2R. 
Brewster, Mrs. Mary C, 904 Milam. 

Hart, Mrs. 
Breyer, Mr. Albert, 2017 Fannin. Phone 471. 
Bringhurst, Mr. and Mrs. George R., 2716 Milam. Phone 548. 

Bringhurst, Mr. Henry. 

Bringhurst, Mr. George R., Jr. 

Bringhurst, Miss Fannie E. 

Burke, Mr. Andrew J. 

Burke, Mr. Frank S. 
Bringhurst, Mr. and Mrs. Tom, 1218 Milam. 
Brinsmade, Mr. and Mrs. Allan A., 1205 Main. 

Brinsmade, Miss Elizabeth. 

Brinsmade, Miss Grace. 

Brinsmade, Mr. Allan C. 
Briscoe, Mrs. Mary J., 620 Crawford. 

Briscoe, Mr. Parmenas. 

Looscan, Mrs. Adele B. 

Stieff flManoe 

■ sssr GEO. W. STIEFF, 

&8 ^ i FACTORY- w*-w* "* M * **-■* * J 

609 Travis St., Houston, Texas 

Academy of tie Incarnate fori 

^a Boarding and Day School 
*^ for Young Ladies 

Under the Direction of the Nuns of the Incarnate Word 

and Blessed Sacrament, Crawford Street. 

The Academic Year is composed of two sessions of five months each, 
commencing on the first Tuesday of September and ending in the first 
Monday of July. 

Annunciation School for Small Boys, 

Corner Texas Avenue and Jackson Streets: 
For particulars apply to MOTHER M. MAGDALEN, Superior, 

Academy of the Incarnate Word, Houston, Texas. 

2419 TRAVIS STREET. Jferr's 

Jr 4 airland greenhouses* 

Pmp Cui PI awai* Wnft Decorations, Designs for Weddings, Funer- 
riUCV/UiriUWCr yturh, alg Entertainments. School Commence- 
ments, Etc. All kinds of Plants and Roses in season. Prices Reasonable. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H.. 2618 San Jacinto. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. George P., 2403 Caroline. 

Brown, Rev. and Mrs. Henry J., Rector St. Mary's Church 

and Trinity Mission, 3212 Louisiana. Phone 1449, 6R. 
Brown, Miss Emily. 
Brown, Miss Kate. 
Brown, Mr. Edward. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. O. L., 1203 Main. Phone 635. 

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H., 1704 San Jacinto. 

Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund, 1801 Texas. Cit. Phone 571. 
Browne, Miss. Friday. 

Browne, Mr. J. Edmund. 
Browne, Mr. Harry P. 

Browne, Hon. and Mrs. John T., Lyons ave. Phone 767. 

Bruce, Mr. and Mrs. George S., 1602 McKinney. Phone 472. 

Bruce. Miss Alice Humphreys. Thursday. 

Bryan, Mrs. Bettie, 1602 McKinney. Phones 472. 
Bryan, Miss Lulu. 
Bryan, Mr. Louis. 
Bryan, Mr. Chester. 
Vorhis. Miss Lena. 

Bryan, Miss Jonelle, 1815 Main. 
Bryan, Miss Caro A. 

Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. D. D.. 918 San Jacinto. 

Bryan, Mrs. M. E., Society Editress of "The Galveston News." 
1619 La Branch. Phone 1108. 

Bryan, Hon. Guy M., 2118 Travis. 
Bryan, Miss Lucy. 

Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff D., 1210 Preston. 

Bujac, Mrs. C. A., Studio, 219 Mason B'ld'g. 
Bujac, Miss E. Celeste. 
Bujac, Mr. M. Jules. 

I J£ Waddell... i 

Dealer in 




Ibouse Jfurnisbing 


PHONES 225. 

o)o(£ Cor. Prairie Ave and Fannin St., £$0$ 

Hi ...Sponsion, TJexas. H 


Bullitt, Mr. and Mrs. A. C., 3402 Main. Phones 876. 

Burks, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. 606 Austin. Phone 669, 5R. 
Burks, Miss. 
Burks, Miss Princie. 

Burroughs, Mrs. James, 1306 Fannin, 

Burnett, Hon. J. R.. 511 Chenevert. Phone 1385. 

Burnett, Miss Mamie. 

Burnett, Miss Reba. 

Burnett, Miss Dixie. 

Burnett, Miss Lynn. 

Burnett, Mr. McCullom. 
Burkitt, Mr. and Mrs. G. W., 1401 Crawford. Phone 337. 

Burkitt, Miss. Friday. 

Burkitt, Mr. G. W., Jr., 

Burnett, Rev. and Mrs. Albert J., 702 Houston. 

Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 1520 Texas. 
Burns, Miss Emma. 
Burns, Miss Delia. 
Burns, Mr. C. L. 

Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Uvalde, 2700 Fannin. 

Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Waller T., 503 Tuam. Phone 524, 4R. 

Burton, Mrs. Jennie M., .2406 Travis. Phone 888. "Wednesday. 
Burton, Mr. Arthur. 
Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. 

Bute, Mr. and Mrs. James. 1016 Milam. Phone 286. 
Bute, Miss Bertha. 
Bute, Miss Dot. 

Bute, Mr. and Mrs. John, 509 Rusk. 

Byers, Mr. and Mrs. George A., 1102 Bagby. 
Byers, Mrs. R. H. 

Byrd, Mr. and Mrs. H. N.. 2018 Deoatur. 
Byrd, Miss Anna. 
Byrd, Miss Amanda. 
Byrd, Miss Mary. 

Dr. Margaret E. Holland, 

1602 Rusk Avenue. 
Phone 147. 

Office Hours: 3 to 5 P. M.^^ 

Houston's Leading Book Store. 



Agent for... Globe, Wernicke "Elastic" 

Book Cases, Filing Cabinets, Etc. 

Phone 820. 409 Main Street, Houston, Texas. 

By special arrangements with the Publishers all the new Books 
of popular Authors are placed on sale on date of publication. 

....Prompt attention given to mail orders mm ^ 


5. O. COTTON & BRO., 


Special attention given to risks ± Phone 59.... 1005-7 Frank- 
on household furniture. f lin Ave., Houston. 

Brooke, Mr. and Mrs. H. D., Boulevard, Houston Heights. 
Brooke, Miss Myrtle. 
Brooke, Miss Velma. 

3urns, Mrs. L. M., 908 Polk. 
Burns, Miss Claudia. 
Burns, Miss Eleanor. 
Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Robert. 
Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Edward. 

Burtis, Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. 1106 Smith. 

Calvert, Mr. P. T., 2109 Leeland. 
Calvert, Miss. 
Calvert, Miss Maggie. 

Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. O. B., 1809 Polk. Wednesday. 
Caldwell, Mr. W. M. 

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin, 1013 Crawford. 

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M., 1104 San Jacinto. 

Phone 1049. 

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. James I., 2908 Main. Phone 778. 

Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. I. Lee. Wednesday. 

Lee, Mrs. A. J. 

Campbell, Mrs. Mary, 1009 Rusk. Phone 768. Thursday. 
Campbell, Miss. 
Trezevant, Maj. and Mrs. J. H. 

Cargill, Mr. and Mrs. Ennis, 809 Pierce. 

Cargill, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 1518 Main. Phone 753. 
Cargill, Miss. 
Cargill, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Arthur. 

Carnes, Mr. and Mrs. George T., 1407 Crawford. Phone 1396, 2R 
Carnes, Miss Eleanor. 

Carothers, Mr. and Mrs. W. Fay, 2018 Clay. 


Albert Harnpe, 

*Dry Soodsy TfotionSj 
**<* J*anci/ Soods. 

Special attention is called to our immense stock of 

DAMASK, NAPKINS and LINENS of Every Description. 

Our Corsets, Hosiery and Ready=to=Wear Departments 

contain none but the most up-to-date, well tested 
and most popular makes known to the American 

Sole Agent for the Celebrated 

ffiedfern and Warner Corsets, 

Sole Agent for the 

7/fcCali &azar Patterns, 

Best Paper Pattern in the Market. 


Phones 713. 609-611 MAIN STREET. 

Carr, Mr. and Mrs. J. O., 1707 Main. 
Carr, Miss Stella. 
Carr, Mr. Philip. 
Carr, Mr. Lawrence. 
Galligher, Mr. P. H. 
Lumm, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. 

Carson, Mr. and Mrs. Philip R., 904 Milam. Phone 1175, 2R. 

Carter, Mr. and Mrs. S. F., 1804 Crawford. Phone 856. 
Carter, Miss Clara. 
Carter, Miss Florence. 

Chamberlin, Mr. and Mrs. W. W., 606 Austin. Phone 669, 5R. 

Chapman, Mrs. Delia R., 1214 Clay. 
Chapman, Miss Bessie. 
Chapman, Mr. Ross. 
Chapman, Mr. James. 

Cherry, Mr. and Mrs. Dillin B., Fargo Ave., Fairview. 
Cherry, Miss Ruth. 

Chew, Mr. and Mrs. F. F., 1216 Dallas. Cit. Phone 1206. 
Chew, Miss Lovie. 
Chew, Miss Anna Beth. 
Chew, Mr. Beverly. 
Chew, Mr. Ed. T. 
Chew, Mr. John. 

Chew, Mr. and Mrs. William Bartlett, 1206 Fannin. 

Chew, Mr. Joseph Harper. Phone 426. 

Christian, Mr. and Mrs. Pat 1614 Travis. 

Christian, Mr. and Mrs. William, 1110 Clay. Phone 659, 2R. 

Clarke, Mrs. Julia W. 1516 Dallas. 
Clark, Mr. William B. 

Clarkson, Mr. and Mrs. William B., 1608 San Jacinto. 

Phone 1127. 
Clay, Mr. and Mrs. Adam, 1503 Washington. 

Clay, Miss. 


Clay, Mr. and Mrs. John, 1602 Washington. 

Clay, Miss. 

Clay, Miss Mamie. 

Clemens, Mrs. J. J., 1710 McKinney. Phone 839 2R. 
Clemens, Mr. Frank C. 
Clemens, Mr. Fred St. K. 
Ilumphrjs, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest S. } Chicago, 111. 

Cleveland, Mr. Wiliam D., 806 San Jacinto. Phone 29. 
Cleveland, Miss. 
Cleveland, Miss Tina. 
Cleveland, Miss Abbie. 
Cleveland, Mr. W. D.. Jr. 

Cochran, Mr. and Mrs. O. L. 1108 Travis. Cit. Phone 759. 
Cochran, Miss. 
Cochran, Mr. William S. 
Cochran, Mr. Owen L.. Jr. 

Cockrell, Mrs. Sarah C, 1403 Caroline. Phone 1004, 4R. 
Cockrell, Mr. Abbott. 

Colburn, Mr. and Mrs. D. K., 407 Moore-Burnett Building. 

Colburn, Miss Jessie K. 

Lowry, Mr. Fay. 
Colby, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, 708 Walker. Phone 1183. 
Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. John M., 802 Jeflerson. Phone 380. 

Coleman, Miss Cornelia V. 

Parker, Mrs. C. D. 
Collier, Mr. and Mrs. J. M., 1809 Decatur. 
Collins, Mr. and Mrs. Robert S., 416 McGowan. Wednesday. 

Collins, Mr. George F. 
Conaway, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L., 1804 Dallas. Cit. Phone 661. 

Conaway, Miss Grace. 
Connor, Mr. and Mrs. W. C, Jr., 1620 San Jacinto. 
Cooley, Mr. and Mrs. D. D., Boulevard, Houston Heights. 

Cooley, Mr. Denton. 

Cooley, Mr. Arthur. 

Cooley, Mr. Ralph. 



illiam L. loley. j 

| Dress Goods, 

iff j,4 

Silks, S 

j Art Goods, 1 

| Millinery, | 

| Ladies' Ready-to-Wear. | 
| Carpets, | 

1 Hosiery, 1 

| Linens. 

214, 216, 218 Travis St. ...Houston. I 

Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. L. L.. 818 Smith. 
Cohen, Miss Bella. 
Cohen, Miss Libbie. 
Smallwood, Mrs. Blanche. 

Coombs, Mrs. Belle F., 1412 Walker. Phone 168. 
Folk, Mrs. Louise. 

Coons, Mr. and Mrs. R. I., 1320 Washington. 

Cortes, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W.. 1012 Milam. 
Cortes, Mr. Will. 

Cotter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 709 Bell Ave. 
Cotter, Miss. 
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Preston B. 

Cotton, Mr. and Mrs. J. M., 1018 Travis. Phone 143. Tuesday. 
Todd, Miss Hallie. 
Todd, Miss Louie. 

Cave, Maj. E. W., 1019 San Jacinto. Phone 1188, 3R. 

Barrett, Mrs. Lollie. 
Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M., Harrisburg Road. 
Cowling, Mrs. Sarah, 1417 Texas. 

Coyle, Mrs. W. H., 1410 Texas. Phone 1445, 3R. 

Coyle, Miss. 
Craig, Mr. and Mrs. Louis F., Milby and Congress. Phone 428. 

Crane, Mr. and Mrs. William Carey, 1410 Crawford. Phone 530. 

Crane, Mr. Charles Judson, Jr. 
Crank, Mr. and Mrs. William H., Hotel Bristol. Phone 268. 

Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. E. C, 1206 Rusk. Phone 957, 2R. 
Crawford, Miss Earle. 

Crooker, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Larmour, 803 Lamar. 

Cit. Phone. 

Culmore, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 2118 German. Phone 1170. 
Culmore, Miss Fannie. 




1008 Prairie Avenue. fP 

*™M Hollywood Cemetery* 

Located on the highest and most picturesque 
spot within rifty miles of Houston. 

Absolute Deeds to Lots without Clauses; Abundant and 
Free Artesian Water. 


Within two miles of the Court House. 
Entrances from Houston and Montgomery Avenues. 

Phone 759. F. P, cMOORE, Manager. 


IDocal au5 

.Teacher of 

flnstrumental flDueic 

Studio, 1109 Capitol Avenue. 

Culpeper, Mrs. M. K. 1717 Polk. 
Culpeper, Miss Sewall E. 
Culpeper, Miss Mamie E. 
Culpeper, Mr. Horace. 
Clark, Rev. Mr. Horace. 

Cuming, Mr. and Mrs. Horace M., 3006 Austin. 

Temby, Mrs. Myra J. 

Temby, Mr. Gynne. 
Cummings, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. R., Boulevard, Houston Heights 

Gaertner, Mr. Emil. Phone 875. 

Curth, Mr. Wm. H., 2419 Fannin. 
Currie, Capt. H. C. 802 Rusk. 

Currie, Miss Ina Belle. 

Currie, Mr. George. 

George, Mr. Robert Eugene. 
Cushing, Mr. and Mrs. Edward B., 1518 Crawford. Phone 1064. 

Cushman, Mr. and Mrs. B. C, 702 McKinney. 

Cushman, Miss. 

Bein, Miss S. 

Bein, Miss K. 

Dargan, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene, 608 Rusk. Phones 239. 
Darling, Mr. and Mrs. Albert M., Brunner. 
Darrow, Mr. and Mrs. N., 1010 Milam. 

Darrow, Mr. James M. 
Davidson, Mrs. Laura, 1318 Texas. 

Davidson, Miss Annie Laurie. 
Davis, Dr. and Mrs. Francis M., 1514 Rusk. Phone 341. 

Davis, Miss Edna. 

Davis, Miss Jennie. 

Davis, Mr. Hugh Robert. 
Davis, Mrs. J. L., 1209 San Jacinto. 

Davis, Miss Alberta M. 

Davis, Miss Kate W. 




3 JO Main, Houston, Texas* 

Pianos and Organs for cash or on easy monthly payments. 

C. E. Settegast & Bro., 

City Livery, Boarding 
and Sale Stables. <g <£ 

Ladies' Driving Horses. 

...PHONE 469... 

F. B. KING, PH. G., M. D., 

407-408 Kiam Building. Residence 816 San Jacinto. 

Office Hours: 11 to 1. 
3 to 5. 

676 Telephones 674. 

Davis, Mrs. Rhoda Milby. 901 Austin. 
Davis, Miss. 

Davis, Miss Rhoda Marie. 
Davis, Miss Gertrude. 
Davis, Miss J. Louise. 
Davis, Mr. Ernest. 
Davis, Mr. Henry Milby. 
Scrimgeour, Mrs. Edith, Galveston. 

Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Boyer, 911 Austin. 

Daviss, Dr. and Mrs. E. Paxton, 1018 McGowan. Phone 278. 


Daviss, Mr. H. P., 1012 Caroline. Phone 841. 
Davis, Miss Mollie E. 
Daviss, Mr. Nat. F. 

Dealy, Mr. and Mrs. J. V., 2104 Jefferson. 

De La Matyr, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, 1712 Bingham. 

Delgado, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, 1518 Caroline. Phone 1410. 
Garrow, Mr. and Mrs. Harris, Jr. 
Delgado, Mr. Stuart. 
Eailey, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin P. 

Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. E. L., 1817 Fannin. Phones 557. 
Dennis, Miss Blanche. 
Dennis, Miss Grace. 
Dennis, Mr. W. Landrum. 
Dennis, Mr. Walter J. 

De Treville, Mr. and Mrs. W. J., 911 La Branch. Phone 1287, 6R 

Dexter, Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. 17th St., Houston Heights 

Dickey, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E., 2910 Brazos. Phone 1401. 
Dickey, Miss Nellie M. 
Dickey, Miss Georgia E. 
Dickey, Mr. James M. 

Dickson, Mr. and Mrs. H. H., 1103 Lamar. 


St. Louis, Chicago, 
Kansas City 






Solid Vestibuled Train. Pullman Buffet Sleepers. 
Free Reclining Chair Cars. 

First Class Meals at "OUR OWN" Dining Stations. 

BRUCE R. MORTON, City Tkt Agent. 

Phones 700. 211 MAIN STREET. 

Dillingham, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1214 Rusk. Thursday. 

Dillingham, Miss. Phone 298. 

Dillingham, Mr. and Mrs. E. K. 

Doherty, Mr. and Mrs. William, 2008 San Jacinto. Phone 847. 

Dolen, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. P., 917 Austin. 
Dolen, Miss Frankie H. 
Dolen, Miss Louise. 
Dolen, Mr. J. Massie. 
Ward, Mrs. M. H. 

Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Sam H., 909 Main. Phone 1187, 4R. 

Dorrance, Mr. and Mrs. John Maynard, 1503 Fannin. 

Phone 441. 

Dorris, Mr. and Mrs. Edward W., 710 Lamar. 
Sparks, Miss Solum. 
Sparks, Mr. Otto. 
Sparks, Mr. Arthur. 

Dow, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew, 1717 Texas. Phone 1182. 
Dow, Mr. and Mrs. James. 

Downey, Mrs. Ella, 1316 Main. Phone 925. 
Bates, Mrs. Annie J. 

Drew, Mr. and Mrs. O. C, 1416 Crawford. Friday. Phone 589. 
Drew, Mrs. Alfred. 
Drew, Mr. and Mrs. O. C, Jr. 

Dumble, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H., 2616 Brazos. , Phone 1116, 2R. 

Dumble, Mr. and Mrs. E. T., 1708 Prairie. Phone 877. 
Dumble, Miss Rosalie. 

Dumble, Mr. and Mrs. James F., 1607 Prairie. 
Dumble, Miss Alice. 
Armistead, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. 
Armistead, Miss Mary. 

Dunlap, Mr. and Mrs. Devereux Gillian, 2518 San Jacinto. 





Architect ♦ 

5J9 Binz Building;* 


Houston, Texas. 

Your Grandmother,.. 

Used a Buck 
Cooking Stove. 

Bucks have for over fifty 
years been the standard 
stoves of the country. 
Sold here for overl5 years. 
Hundreds in use in Hous- 
ton — always satisfactory. 
Agate, Nickel, Steel ware for 
the kitchen. The kind that 
doesn't scale off. 


-Cortes g*T 

rCor. Prairie and Milam. 


Office Hours: 
8 to 10, 12 to 2, 5 to 8. 

Office and Residence: 
602J Main St., cor. Texas Ave. 

PHONES 727. 

Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C., 1104 Lamar. Friday. 

Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C, Jr. Phone 1027, 5R. 

Dunn, Miss. 

Dunn, Mr. De Witt C. 

Dunn, Mr. Lindsey. 

Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Tracy B. 

Tracy, Mrs. Elizabeth S. 

Dunovant, Capt. William, 1704 Rusk. 
Dunovant, Miss Adelia A. 

Dupree, Mr. Blake, 706 Crawford. 

Dupree, Mr. and Mrs, H. R., 1310 Fannin. Phone 790. 

Dupree, Mr. Ed F. 
Dwyer, Mrs. C. E., 810 Main. Phone 311. 

Dwyer, Miss Lizzie. 

Dwyer, Mr. Arthur. 

Wright, Mrs. E. D. 
Dyer, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S., 2308 Travis. Phone 582. 

Dyer, Mr. Henry A. 

Dyer, Mr. Alfred S., Jr. 

Dyer, Mr. Fritz M. 

Dyer, Mr. Benjamin H. 

Dyer, Mr. Arthur Peel. 

Eagle, Mr. and Mrs. Joe H., 906 Milam. Phone 1476. 
Easley, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B., 2506 Austin. 
Eckhardt, Dr. and Mrs. William R., 1806 Main. Thursday. 

Phone 378, 3R. 
Elgin, Mr. and Mrs. Robert M., 1404 Texas. Phone 1002, 3R. 

Elgin, Mr. Alfred. 

Elgin, Mr. Robert, 

Westcott, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. 

Riley, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. 
Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1102 Rusk. 
Elsbury, Mr. and Mrs. Charles N., 505 Capitol. 


Elsbury, Mrs. Mary Anne, 505 Capitol. 
Elsbury, Mr. George W. 
Elsbury, Mr. Thomas William. 
Cross, Miss Annie Pearl. 

Englehardt, Dr. H. A., 312 Mason building. Phones 867. 

Evershade, Mr. and Mrs. Paul J., 1112 Houston. 

Everts, Mr. and Mrs. Byron A., 1503 Crawford. Phone 1013, 6R. 
Everts, Mr. Byron. 
Everts, Mr. George. 

Everts, Mrs. Hattie E., 1806 Milam. Phone 1390. 

Everts, Mr. Perry. 

Everts, Mr. Albert. 

Everts, Mr. Curtis. 

Everts, Mr. Willie. 

Everts, Mr. Edward. 
Ewing Mr. and Mrs. Nat., 2018 La Branch. Phone 889, 6R. 
Ewing, Mr. and Mrs. Orville, 804 Gray. 
Ewing, Mr. and Mrs. Pressley K., 1103 Clay. Phone 463. 

Ewing, Miss Vesta. 

Ewing, Miss Gladys. 

Fall, Mr. and Mrs. Philip H., 2608 Fannin. Wednesday. 

Fall, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Phone 509. 

Eliot, Mrs. Mary J. 
Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. J. M., 910 Austin. Cit. Phone 1214. 
Fellows, Mr. and Mrs. C. W., 1805 San Jacinto. Phone 784. 

Fellows, Mrs. J. U. 
Fenn. Mr. and Mrs. J. R., 117 Bell. Phone 912. 

Fenn, Miss. 

McKeever, Mr. and Mrs. J. J., Jr. 
Fiquet, Mrs. Susan R., 416 La Branch. 

Cage, Miss. 
Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Henry F., 1618 Commerce. Phones 482. 

Loeffler, Mr. Hubert. 

Oliver's Music House, 

4th Annual Announcement. 









Gives instructions on Piano, Violin and Mandolin. 
Terms, $6.00 to $8.00 per month. 

Mrs. C. E. Oliver, Principal. 

Miss Ethel Barlow, Assistant. 

Mr. 'C. E. Oliver, Business Manager, 

We hope to make our interests mutual, and ask you 
to call on us frequently. Leave orders, etc., at 

Oliver's Music House, 

Moore-Burnett Building, Houston. 

Fitch, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L., 1906 McKinney. Phone 947, 2R. 

Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. B. F., 404 BremOnd. 

Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Forest, 2004 San Jacinto. 

Phone SI 5. 

Flewellen, Mrs. R. T.. 410 Austin. 
Clark, Mr. George. 
Clark, Miss Bessie T. 
Flewellen, Miss Nannie Clark. 

Foley, Mr. William L, Capitol Hotel. 
Foley, Mr. J. K. 

Ford, Hon. and Mrs. Thomas W., 816 Chenevert. Phone 312. 
Ford, Miss Ethel. 
Ford, Mr. T. C. 
Ford, Mr. W. H. 
Ford, Dr. F. C, Houston Infirmary. 

Foster, Mrs. Corra Bacon, 402 Moore-Burnett Bldg. 

Foster, Miss Violet Bacon; Bryn Mawr College, Pa 

Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Marcellus E., 1703 Main. Phone 763. 

Foster, Mrs. Margaret H., Society Editress of the Post, 

1308 McKinney. Phone 799. 

Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S., 1805 Main. Phone 1344. 
Fraser, Mr. Bruce. 

Fox, Dr. and Mrs. Edward L., 1308 McKinney. Cit. Phone 495. 

Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Jr., 1606 Main. 

Franklin, Major and Mrs. Thomas R.. 904 Tavis. 

Franklin, Miss. Phone 1373, 2R. 

Franklin, Col. Hadley T. 
Franklin, Mr. Richard West. 

Freeman, Mrs. R. L.. 903 Clay. Phone 1012, 6R. 
Freeman, Mr. J. Hill. 

Frost, Mr. and Mrs. John Miles, 404 Gray. Phone 120. 

Texas Optical Co., 



Manufacturing and Consulting Opticians. 



Capitol Jbbarmac^ 

W. W. MYER, Proprietor. 

Binz Building, opp. Capitol Hotel. 

Pure Drugs and Chemicals. 

Prescriptions a Specialty. 







ftsa* ««* fts?* «ca*«cj? 

Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E., Sherman, Oak Lawn. 

Fuller, Miss Orriene. Phone 342. 

Fuller, Miss, 1210 Dallas. 

Fulton, Mrs. Alice, 1509 Rusk. 
Pettit, Mrs. M. F. 
Pettit, Miss. 
Pettit, Miss Willie. 
Pettit, Miss Ada. 
Pettit, Miss Imogen. 
Elgin, Mr. and Mrs. R. W., Jr. 

Fulton, Mr. and Mrs. W. L., 2015 Pease. 

Fuqua, Mr. and Mrs. W. Y., 515 Capitol. Cit. Phone 825. 
Fuqua, Miss Alma. 

Franks, Mr. and Mrs. H. H., 3002 Brazos Cit. Phone 77. 

Gaines, Mr. and Mrs. George W., 1206 Milam. Phone 229. 
Gaines, Miss Emma. 
Gaines, Miss Ethel. 

Gamble, Mr. and Mrs. R. W.. 1103 Dallas. Phone 1040. 

Galbreath, Mr. and Mrs. John Burton, 2017 Pease. 

Phone 1013, 3R. 

Gannon, Mr. and Mrs. John J., 1716 San Jacinto. Phone 861. 
Gannon, Mr. Richard M. 

Garey, Mr. and Mrs. John E., 1603 Texas. Phone 1495. 

Garnett, Mrs, M. W„ 1716 Dallas. Phone 503. 

Garrott, Mr. and Mrs. John F.. 2317 San Jacinto. Phone 1465. 

Garrott, Mrs. M. M. 

Hinton, Miss Mary. 
Gar row, Mr. and Mrs. Harris W., 1610 San Jacinto. 

Garrow, Mr. and Mrs. Harris W., Jr. Phone 1465. 

Gaston, Mr. and Mrs. J. Z., 1719 Washington. 

Gaston, Miss Christine. 




1 Southeast 1 

}o{ *i£/ith Comfort, Safety and Speed /0\ 


gj Houston East & West Texas Railway. g£ 

$5? "GULF AIR LINE." <bj? 

M "A Railroad Strictly Up-to-Date." M 

H — H 


General Manager. G. P. & P. A. A. G. P. A. >©< 

%? Houston, Texas. %? 

Gentry, Mrs. Mary F., 1503 Franklin. 
Worley, Mrs. Cora N. 

Gatlin, Mr. and Mrs. O. C, 1010 Milam. 

George, Mr. and Mrs. Robertson Fountleroy, 2010 La Branch. 

Tuesday. Phones 307, 
Gerson, Mr. and Mrs. I. C, 702 Hamilton. 

Gibbons, Mr. and Mrs. George A., 1018 Lamar. Cit. Phone 1215, 
Gibbons, Miss. 
Gibbons, Miss Arabella. 
Gibbons, Miss Lila. 
Gibbons, Mr. George A., Jr. 
Gibbons, William. ' 

Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. James N., 1103 McKinney. Wednesday. 
Brannigan, Mrs. Jennie M. 

Gieseke, Mrs. Lena, 411 Capitol. 
Gieseke, Miss Lena. 
Gieseke, Miss Valma. 
Gieseke, Mr. Herman H. 
Gieseke, Mr. Frederick A. 
Gieseke, Mr. William F. 

Gillaspie, Mr. and Mrs. James K. P., 1416 Texas. 

Gilmer, Mrs. A.. 1306 Milam. Cit. Phone 429. 
Gilmer, Miss. 

Giraud, Mrs. Annie. 1718 Main. 

Giraud, Miss Edith. 

Giraud, Mr. James A. 

Giraud, Mr. Richard T. 
Gohlman, Mr. and Mrs. S. L., Jr., 1808 Polk. 

Cox, Mrs. Eva. 
Gohlman, Mr. and Mrs. S. L., Sr., 1718 Prairie. 

Gohlmian, Dr. W. H. 
Golding, Mr. and Mrs. C. D., 1009 Rusk. Thursday. Phone 738. 
Gonterman, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 720 San Jacinto. 

Gonterman, Miss Bella. 

*0 Mai. Street. <* Furniture 

" <£ and Carpets. 

Buy a Whitney Go-Cart. sold by us. 
Best in the world. Catalogue Free. 

Qieseke Brothers. 

! g~f _ rfc ... Modern 

of Habit ; 

necessitate modern means of retailing and \ 
modern goods. Modern in Shoe business ] 
means entire new stock for each of the four ] 
| seasons and not only all that man needs but ; 
the luxuries as well. Here you find everything. 

Qieseke Brothers, Houston. 


Dr. Sam H. Hillin, 

Office: 911 Congress Avenue. Residence: 1815 Conti St., 5th Ward. 
Phone 862. Phone 911. 

Office Hours: 9 to 11 A. M. 2 to 4 P. M. 

Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. S. M., 708 Bell. 
Gordon, Mr. A. H. 
Gordon, Mr. Theo. 

Graves, Mr. and Mrs. M. B., 1107 Dallas. Phone 1104, 5R. 

Gray, Mr. and Mrs. A. C, 1702 Prairie. 

Gray, Mr. and Mrs. S. N., Harrisburg. 
Gray, Miss Annie. 

Gray, Dr. and Mrs. Eb. N., 1215 Main. Phones 281. 

Griffin, Mr. R., 1110 Caroline. 
Griffin, Miss Annie. 
Griffin, Mrs. E. 

Green, Rev. and Mrs. John (Minister McKee St. M. E. 

Church) Fifth ward. 
Green, Dr. E. H.. 305 Moore-Burnett Bldg. 

Gribble, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. 2120 Brazos. 
Gribble, Miss. 
Gribble, Miss Ella H. 
Gribble, Miss Hattie L. 
Gribble, Miss Annie May. 
Gribble, Mr. Charles G. 

Griffin, Dr. and Mrs. W. B., 1301 Pease. Phone 1340. 

Griffiths, Mr. and Mrs. T. P., 1217 San Jacinto. 

Grinstead, Mr. and Mrs. E. Ford, 1603 Milam. Phone 837. 
Grinstead, Miss. 
Grinstead, Miss Ethel. 
Arnold, Dr. and Mrs. J. M. 

Grogan, Mr. and Mrs. James Francis, 1619 Fannin. Phone 973. 

Grogan, Miss. 

Grogan, Miss Martha. 
Gruendler, Mr. and Mrs. E. W., 1809 Milam. Phone 1274. 

Gruendler, Miss. 
Grunewald, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford, 1004 Fannin. 

Cit. Phone 1346. 


GUY F. J0NE5. New Co. Phone A A ^ 

5. 0. INMAN. Old Co. Phone °4° 

Jones & Inman, 

(Successors to Ed. Kneeland.) 


Refrigerated Meats, _ _ 

Produce, Dressed ^TclipTtTJtreets, 

Poultry, Game, 

Fish and Oysters. HOUSTON, TEXAS. 

We Can't—Raise Your Salary 


We Can Raise Your Bread 



Absolutely Pure. Pound Can 25 Cents. 

This is the oldest brand of pure goods on the market sold at a popular 
price. Used in Millions of Homes. Sold and guaranteed by 


St. Louis, Mo. Houston Distributers. 

Guion, Mrs. L. S., 1107 McKinney. 
Guion, Miss. 
Guion, Miss D. Pearl. 

Guenard, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 608 Austin. 
Guenard, Miss Olivia. 
Gardner, Miss Lizzie. 

Huber, Mr. and Mrs. J. H., 1109 Rusk. Thursday. Phone 1360. 

Hani, Mr. and Mrs. C. W., 1404 Jefferson. Phones 1085. 
Hahl, Miss Gussie. 
Hani, Mr. Harold. 
Dameron, Miss. 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald S.. 908 Rusk. Phone 1397. 
Hall, Miss Helen Moreland. 
Hall, Mr. Henry Moreland. 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. R. M., 1306 Main. Phone 896. 
Lavender, Miss Roberta. 
Smith, Miss Maud. 

Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Frank R., 2417 Fannin. 

Halliwell, Mr. and Mrs. W. H., 1314 McKinney. Phone 1477. 
Halliwell, Mr. C. E. 
Halliwell, Mr. W. H., Jr., 

Halsall, Rev. and Mrs. James M., 1807 Caroline. 

(Pastor Cumberland Presbyterian Church.) 

Halverton, Mr. and Mrs. H. A., Shearn. Phones 1065. 

Hamblen, Hon. and Mrs. E. P., 104 Crawford. Phone 752. 

Hamblen, Mr. and Mrs. P. L., 1803 San Jacinto. 

Hamblen, Hon. and Mrs. W. P., 1704 Walker. Cit. Phone 1351. 
Hamblen, Dr. H. T. 
Hamblen, Mr. Alfred. 
Hamblen, Mr. Hugh R. 
Hamblen, Mr. W. P., Jr. 


Hamburger, Mr. and Mrs. A. L., 802 McKinney. Phones 969. 

Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 2417 Fannin. Phone 409, 3R. 

Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. W. E., 1507 Travis. 
Hamilton, Mr. J. Brooke. 
Hamilton, Mr. Bernard. 
Hamilton, Mr. Clarence. 
Hamilton, Mr. Arthur. 

Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. W. E., Jr., 505 Austin. 

Hamman, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. (Mrs. Ella V.), 2614 San Jacinto. 

Tuesday. Phone 579, 4R. 
Hamman, Mr. John (Conroe). 
Hamman, Mr. George. 
Hamman, Mr. William. 

Hammett, Mr. Theodore F.. 1104 Travis. Phone 529. 
Hampe, Mr. and Mrs. A., 1410 Louisiana. 
Hampe, Mr. Frank. 

Hancock, Mr. W. T., 206 Levy Bldg. 

Hancock, Mr. and Mrs. W. J., 510 McKinney. 
Hancock, Miss Elsa S. 
Berleth, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. 

Hanna, Mr. and Mrs. R. R., 615 Webster. 
Hanna, Miss Mamie Louise. 
Taylor, Miss. 

Harcourt, Mr. and Mrs. Guy M., 1306 Main. Phone 796. 

Hardcastle, Mr. and Mrs. Garrett. 708 Lamar. 

Hardesty, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. 1906 Brazos. 
Hardesty, Miss, Harrisburg Road. 

Hargis, Miss (Young Ladies' School), 1215 Main. Phones 281. 

Hargis, Miss Mary. 

Hargis, Miss Maroia. 
Harral, Mr. and Mrs. W. W., 1917 Dallas. 

Harral, Miss Mildred. 

Harral, Miss Dot Bates. 


Aldridge Battelle Kidd, 


08 Polk Ave. HOUSTON, TEXAS. 

Mme. W. J. COTTON, 

lOOS 1=2 Rrairie Avenue, 
Houston, Texas. 

Drs. Daviss & Gohlman, 

Eye, Ear, Nose 
and Throat, 

Rooms 305 and 306 Binz Building. 

Harral, Mr. and Mrs. C. W., 2102 San Jacinto. 

Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Perry J., 1705 Milam. 

HartwelL Mr. and Mm Edward Y.,-1217 Webster. Tuesdays 
Hartwell, Mr. Arthur Edward. Phone 414. 

Hartwell, Mr. and Mrs. George H., 1212 Lamar. 
Hartwell, Miss Blake. 
Hartwell, v Miss Delano. 
Hartwell, Miss Harrie. 

Hart, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney H., 710 Crawford. 

Hay, Mrs. Elizabeth E„ 1009 Rusk. Thursday. Phone 768. 

Hay, Miss. 
Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. W. Howard, 2518 San Jacinto. 

Heard, Mr. and Mrs. Bryan, 1014 Capitol. 

(Removed to Galveston). 

Heiner, Mr. Eugene T., 2217 Milam. Phones 1104. 
Heiner, Miss. 
Heiner, Miss Viola. 
Heiner, Miss Jennie. 
Heiner, Miss Hazel. 

Heitman, Mrs. F. W., 1116 Dallas. Thursday. Cit. Phone 1213. 
Heitman, Mr. F. A. 

Hellen, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 710 Crawford. 

Helm, Mr. and Mrs. J. Maxwell, 1911 Rusk. Thursday. 

Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Milby, 910 Crawford. 

Phone 703, 4R. 

Heisig, Dr. and Mrs. E. S., 1116 Louisiana. Phone 794, 3R. 

Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. R. B., 1212 Walker. 

Henke, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 1715 Main. Wednesday. Phone 33. 

Henke, Miss. 

Henke, Miss Leona. 
Hennessey, Rev. Thomas, Pastor of the Church of the Annun- 
ciation, Texas avenue. 


Sidney H. HART, 

Diamond Merchant.., •* ZtsSESS? 

Phones 533. Binz Building, 513 Main St. 


'Delicious See Creams and 

Plain, Brick or Individuals. Frozen Flowers and Fruits. 

Cream Wafers to Match. Salted Almonds.^ & & jt 

J'resh Cakes a Specialty. 

(L OQSWell, * Caterer, 

Phones 478. ...Vhe £ay, 5JJ 9ffa/n. 


..Doctor Dental Surgery.. 

OFFICE 407X MAIN STREET, -#U„„^„ 77„„„~ 

Over Dienstag's Crockery Store. JtOUSton, OexaS. 

Henninger, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J.. 2601 San Jacinto. 

Herndon, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Calvert, 1604 Milam. 

Calder, Miss Mary W. Cit. Phone 1204. 

Herndon, Miss Florence. 
Herndon, Mr. Alexander C, Jr. 

Herndon, Mr. and Mrs. James F., 1502 Leeland. 

Hervey, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A., Capitol Hotel. 
Hervey, Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. 
Hervey, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. 
Hervey, Mr. Frank A., Jr. 
Hervey, Mr. J. Hancock. 
Ansler, Mr. and Mrs. L. D. 

Heyer, Mrs. George W., 1005 Capitol. Phones 188. 

Heyne, Mr. and Mrs. C. G., 2111 Crawford. 
Heyne, Mr. Gus. 
Heyne, Mr. Fred. 

Hill, Mrs. Mary, 1016 Webster. 
Hill, Miss Abby Benham. 
Hill, Miss Bessie T. 

Hitchler, Mr. and Mrs. A. H., 710 McKinney. 
Hitchler, Miss Julia. 
Hitchler, Miss Flossie. 

Hite, Mrs. Fannie B., 1104 Texas. Phone 1002, 5R. 
Hite, Miss Rosa B. 
Hite, Miss Frankie S. 

Hodges, Dr. and Mrs. Rolland C, Hotel Lawlor. 
Holland, Dr. and Mrs. Edward A., 1714 Main. Phone 455. 
Holland, Dr. Margaret E., 1602 Rusk. Phone 149. 
Holland, Mr. and Mrs. W. M., 412 Tuam. Cit. Phone 1217. 
Hillin, Dr. and Mrs. S. H., 1815 Conti. Phones 911. 

Hillin, Miss Ellie. 

Hillin, Miss Dovie. 

Hillin, Mr. Willie. 


Sante Fe Route \ 

Operates Only First Class 
Equipment Between .... 





Trains leave Central Depot and Congress Street 
Station at convenient hours and make fast time. 

City Ticket Office, 

Corner Main and Congress Streets. 


Pass. Agent, Houston. G. P. A, 

■Vtftitf-tV- ■' f'V' 1 ■"<■ lL i JftAJtototiiil t 'ht\A? L tk*tM tit*** ^ ^ ***** tlm 

Holt, Mr. and Mrs. Oren Thadeus, Capitol Hotel. Phone 719. 
Seward, Mrs. Laura Roberts. 

Hooper, Mr. and Mrs. J. C, 612 Travis. Cit. Phone 725. 

Hotchkiss, Rev. O. T., Presiding Elder, 1512 Milam. 

House, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, 804 Capitol. Phone 894. 
House, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. 

House, Mr. and Mrs. John H. B. 5 2216 Milam. Phone 271. 

House, Miss Mary Jane, 706 Smith. 

House, Mr. and Mrs. T. W., IOiO Louisiana. Phone 107. 
House, Miss Edith. 
House, Mr. T. W., Jr. 
House, Mr. James H. B. 
McDowall, Mrs. M. A. 
Howze, Mrs. Walter, Areola. 
Lamkin, Mrs. J. C, Hallettsville. 

Hoskins, Mr. and Mrs. W. S., 1610 Crawford. 
Hoskins, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. 
Hoskins, Miss Violet. 

Howard, Mrs. W. H., 603 Webster. 

Howard, Miss Gussie. 

Shearer, Mrs. Ida H. 

Devereux, Miss Ella. 
Howard, Gen. Thomlas B., 1214 Polk. 

Howard, Miss Notie. 
Howe, Mr. and Mrs. M. G., 918 Austin. Thursday. Phone 57. 

Howe, Mr. J. Milton. 
Howell, Mr. and Mrs. Albert G., 1103 Mcllhenny. Cit. Phone 19. 

Howell, Miss Elizabeth. 

Howell, Miss Mary Belle. 

Bland in, Mrs. I. M. E. 

Fiquet, Mr. John B. 
Howze, Mr. and Mrs. H. Y., 2309 Fannin. Wednesday. 

Howze, Mrs. D. Y. Cit. Phone 1218. 

Howze, Mr. F. L. 




No. 903 Main Street. 9 CUT FLOWERS 

Phone 1009. • 

Green Houses Houston Avenue. •ALWAYS ON HAND. 



iSr^K£ 505 Main Street. 





Office, Room 213 Mason Block, Corner Main Street and 
Rusk Avenue, Houston, Texas. . . Phones 656. 

Hucker, Miss Jessie, 1303 Main. 
Hucker, Miss Mary. 

Hudson, Mr. Eugene. 

Huey, Mr. and Mrs. John, 1504 Oapitol. 
Huey, Miss. 
Huey, Mr. Enders. 
Huey, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Eagle Lake. 

Hughes, Mrs. M. P., 1218 Lamar. 
Hughes, Miss Bessie. 

Hughes, Mr. B. F., 306 1-2 Main. 

Hull, Mr. and Mrs. Still, 716 Sabine. 
Hull, Miss Edith. 
Hull, Miss Mary. 

Hume, Mr. and Mrs. A. G., 716 Main. 

Hume, Mr.and Mrs. Ward Dutcher, 1618 Main. Phones 94. 

Hume, Mrs. Columbia, Harrisburg. 
Hume, Miss Annie. 

Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. George D., 1404 Capitol. Phone 1466, 2R. 
Knox, Mr. and Mrs. Ben. 

Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. William, 117 San Felipe. 

Wall, Mr. and Mrs. Bernhardt, Houston Heights. 

Kincaid, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. 
Hurd, Mrs. S., 1801 Franklin. 
Hurley, Mrs. Sue H., 1104 Hadley. Phone 1138, 2R. 

Hurley, Miss. 

Hurley, Miss Susie. 

Hurley, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. 
Huston, Mr. and Mrs. J. H., 911 Austin. Cit. Phone 1214. 

Huston, Miss Rosine Ryan. 
Huston, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney H., 720 San Jacinto. 
Hutcheson, Capt. and Mrs. J. C, 1417 McKinney. Phone 772. 

Hutcheson, Miss Rosalie. 

Hutcheson, Mr. Palmer. 

FRANK A. HERVEY, SR., Proprietor. 
CHAS. B. HERVEY, Manager. 


Hutcheson, Mrs. Wille, 1504 Rusk. Thursday. 
Hutcheson, Mr. James. 

Hutchins, Mr. W. J., 1416 Franklin. 
Hutchins, Mr. Leigh. 
Hutchins, Mr. Spenser. 

Hutchison, Mr. and Mrs. Edward W., 1702 San Jacinto. 

Hutchinson, Mrs. Annie, 1917 McKinney. 
Hutchinson, Mr. A. Calvin. 
Hutchinson, Mr. Courtney. 

Hutchison, Mr. and Mrs. I. P., 1712 Capitol. 

Hutchison, Miss. 1816 Lamar. 
Hutchison, Miss Lelia. 

Hutchison, Mr. and Mrs. O. H., 1806 Lamar. Phone 1413. 
Hutchison, Miss Mary. 
Hutchison, Mr. Stewart. 
Hutchison, Mr. Robert. 

Hyde, Mr. and Mrs. John Arthur, 1004 McGowan. Phone -140. 

Huey, Mr. and Mrs. Bell, 1010 Smith. 

Ideson, Mr. and Mrs. J. C, Baldwin and McGowen. 
Ideson, Miss Margaret. 
Ideson, Miss Julia. 

Irvin, Mr. and Mrs. W. H., 1816 Decatur. 

Inman, Mr. Guy, 1301 Capitol. 

Jeter, Mr. and Mrs. James R.. 3518 Travis. 

John, Mrs., 510 Webster. Phone 1457. 2R. 
John, Miss. 
John, Mr. Arthur. 
John, Mr. Robert. 


Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. R. M., 1204 McKinney. Phone 254. 
Johnston, Miss Hallie R. 
Johnston, Miss Libbie. 
Johnston, Mr. Harry M. 

Jonas, Mr. and Mrs. B. F., 1118 Brazos. 

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Atwood. 1013 San Jacinto. 
Jones, Miss Effie May. 
Jones, Miss Chaille. 
Jones, Mr. Frank C. 

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Guy B., 609 Polk. 

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Ira P., 1111 Leeland. 
Wilson, Miss Maud. 

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. J. W., 1117 Main. Phone 343. 

Jones, Mrs. Mary, 1818 Prairie. 
Jones, Dr. Samuel E. 
Jones, Mr. Elliot R. 

Jones, Mrs. M. T., Oapitol Hotel. 
Jones, Miss Jeanette. 
Jones, Mr. Jesse. 

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. W. B., 706 Clay. 
Jones, Miss Althea. 

Josey, Mr. R. A., P. O. Box 282. 

Jones, Mr. and Mrs. William, Deep Water. 
Gibbs, Miss Jasper. 

Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Charles, 1017 Lamar. Phone 927. 
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Major Bert, 1017 Lamar. Phone 927. 

Kattman, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice, 1916 Clay. Cit. Phone 733. 
Keller, Mr. and Mrs. Herman T., 1902 Milam. Phone 653. 

Keller, Mr. Herman T., Jr. 

Keller, Mr. Edward W. 

Keller, Mr. Thomas W. 



Attorneys and Counsellors, 

Houston, Texas. 

Houston Academy, 


Polk Avenue. 

PHONE 1788. 

Instructors: C. W. Welch, A. M., Principal; C. W. Sims, 
A. M.; Mrs. Wille Hutcheson. 

A high grade fitting school for 


Have students in Yale, Harvard, Univ. of Virginia, Washing- 

ington and Lee, Univ. of the South, Univ. of Texas. 

Regular session 9 mos.; Summer session 3 mos. 


The 0. K. Moving and Storage Co, 

J. H. FOSTER, Proprietor. 

Office, No. 1004 Prairie Ave., Cor. Main St. 'Phone 221. 


Kendall, Hon. and Mrs. W. B., Milby and Congress. Phone 428. 
Kendall, Mr. W. E.. Jr. 
Kendall, Mr. Odin. 
Kendall, Mr. Clarence. 
Kendall, Mr. Fenwick. 

Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. D. E., 1113 Clay. 
Kennedy, Miss Mildred. 
Kennedy, Miss Ethel. 
Kennedy, Mr. Don. 
Kennedy, Mr. Edwin. 

Kent, Mr. and Mrs. W. W., 2020 Fannin. Phone 1048. 

Key, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo, Hotel Bristol. 
Key, Miss. 

Keyworth, Mr. and Mrs. R. H., 814 Hamilton. Phones 569. 
Werden, Mrs. S. D. 
Cameron, Mr. William. 

Kidd, Mr. and Mrs. George, Sr., 808 Polk. Phone 988. 
Kidd, Miss. 

Kidd, Mr. Aldridge Bartelle. 
Kidd, Mr. George, Jr. 
Kidd, Mr. Clarence. 
Aldridge, Miss Clara. 

Kidd, Mr. George W., 908 Lamar. Phone 766. 
Kidd, Mr. John Carson. 
Wells, Miss Kate. 

Kidd, Mr. and Mrs. Will N., 1204 Clay. 

Kincaide, Mr. S. Allan, Secretary Y. M. C. A., 1009 1-2 Texas. 

King, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd R., 2804 Caroline. Phone 1118, 5R. 

King, Dr. and Mrs. FranK B., 816 San Jacinto. Phone 674. 

King, Mrs. Loena F., 1217 San Jacinto. Thursday. 
Griffiths, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Percy. 

King, Mr. and Mrs. William B., 1118 Louisiana. 
Baker, Mrs. Sue E. 


Instructor and Concert Soloists «$«£ 

*Dr. Holland C. Jfcodges, 


'Diseases of the £ye, €ar> Tfose andTJhroat. 


Jfrours, W io /and 3 to 5. Phone S/T. 


*^*£ Lawyers^ *£ 

Rooms 208 to 2J2 Kiam Building:. «^«^Phone 542. 


Kirby, Mr. and Mrs. J. H., 2006 Smith. Phone 345. 
Kirby, Miss Bessie. 
Stewart, Mrs. E. Adelia. 

Kirkland, Mrs. S. V., 1603 Clay. Phone 660. 
Kirkland, Miss Louise. 
Tyler, Mr. George A. 

Kirkland, Mr. and Mrs. William Hines, 1818 Walker. 

Phone 747. 

Kittrell, Hon. and Mrs. Norman G.. 3416 Milam. 
Kittrell, Miss. 
Kittrell, Miss Mary. 
Kittrell, Miss Nellie. 
Kittrell, Mr. Norman G., Jr. 
Kittrell, Mr. Wade K. 
Kittrell, Mr. Pleasant W. 
Hayes, Miss Sudie. 

Knight, Mrs. Mary M., 1106 Jefferson. 
Knight, Miss. 
Knight, Miss Aline. 
Knight, Miss Constance. 

Knox, Dr. and Mrs. Robert W., 2303 Main. Phones 244. 
Knox, Miss Byrd. 

Kyle, Dr. Allan J., 1017 Lamar. Phones 927. 

Landram, Mr. and Mrs. B. R., 1402 Louisiana. 

Lane, Mr. and Mrs. W. L., 1303 Lamar. Phone 732. 
Lane, Miss Helen T. 

Lane, Mrs. Carrie M., 1102 Rusk. 
Lane, Miss Lucille. 
Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Charles. 

Landwehr, Mrs. Lena, 816 San Jacinto. Phone 674. 

Dr.W. W. LUNN, 

Kiam Building, 

f University of Louisiana. 
| University of Pennsylvania. 
Graduate of •{ New Orleans Polyclinic. 
| New York Polyclinic, 
t New York Operative Surgery. 

f Tulane University. 
Attendance at i Rush Medical. 

[Battle Creek Sanitarium. 

Special Attention to Treating Disease by Electricity. 

Dr. E. D. LUNN, 


Kiam Building. HOUSTON, TEXAS. 

From— University of Louisville. 

Louisville Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic 
New York Polyclinic. 

Frederick William University, of Berlin, Germany. 
And New York Post Graduate. 

Latham, Mr. B. R., 1318 Walker. Phones 835. 
Latham, Miss. 
Cone, Mrs. A. E. 
Mason, Dr. and Mrs. Dorsey. 

Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Marshall, 1107 Lamar. 
McDonald, Miss. 
Rood, Mr. and Mrs. Edward. 

Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 1309 Fannin. 

Lawrence, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H., 1112 Houston. 

Lea, Hon. and Mrs. James V., 1720 Milam. Wednesday. 

Lea, Miss Lillian. Phone 1225. 

Lea, Miss Fannie Kate. 
Lea, Mr. H. D. 
Lea, Mr. Vernon. 

Leavell, Mr. and Mrs. James G., 707 Dallas. Phone 303. 

Leavell, Rev. Dr. and Mrs. William Hayne, 707 Dallas. 
Leavell, Miss Kate George. 
Leavell, Mr. R. H. 
Leavell, Mr. E. S. 

Lee, Mrs. Terrence, 812 Travis. Cit. Phone 725. 

Leman, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon, 1603 Texas. Phone 1495. 

Lecvy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adair, 1505 Rusk. Phone 897. 

Lester, Mr. and Mrs. J. E„ 1712 Prairie. Phone 1444. 

Levy, Mr. A. M., 2016 Main. Thursday. Phone 496. 
Levy, Miss. 
Levy, Mr. Joe. 
Levy, Mr. Haskell. 
Levy, Mr. Hyman. 
Goldman, Mr. and Mrs. Joe. 

Lewis, Mr. Arthur, 816 San Jacinto. 

Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. W. A., 1613 Polk. 

Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 903 Clay. Phone 1012, 6R. 


► Fine Residence Work «• BELLS, BATTERIES, GAS and ELEC- 

► a Specialty. «^* TR1C FIXTURES, ELECTRIC FANS, 


I J 009 Texas Avenue. Telephone 6 J 6. 


DR. WM. CLARK, Ostkopathist. 

Graduate of the American School of Osteopathy, Kirksville, Mo. 

Osteopathy is the science of treating disease manually 
by the adjustments of all parts and organs to their natural 
relation with each other, thus removing the irritation 
resulting from their abnormal relations, and removing 
obstruction to the vital forces and fluids of the body ; and 
by stimulating mechanically all organs to their proper 
functions or inhibiting abnormally active processes or 
movements of portions of the bodily organism. Osteopathy 
is a scientific method of treating disease without the use 
of drugs or knife. Investigation respectfully solicited. 

Consultation free. Room 3 J 3, Mason Block. 

Frank S. Burke. George B. Griggs. % 


Camp Building, Fannin Street. Phone 564. 

Lidstone, Mr. and Mrs. H. G., 1912 Milam. Thursday. 

Lidstone, Miss Bessie. Phone 1488, 3R. 

Lidstone, Mr. H. Granger, Jr. 
Lidstone, Mr. C. W. 

Lillard, Dr. and Mrs. Z. F., 1703 Polk. Phone 305. 

Limbocker, Hon. and Mrs. J. M., Boulevard, Houston Heights. 
Limbocker, Mr. E. C. 
Hall, Miss Byrd. 

Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs. A. F.. 705 Travis. 
Lincoln, Miss. 

Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. William H.. 1404 Dallas. 
Fall, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. 
Compton, Miss. 

Lockman, Mr. and Mrs. John F., 2606 San Jacinto. Phone 1332. 
Lockman, Miss Minnie Louise. 
Lockman, Mr. Adair. 

Longcope, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund McL., 910 Webster. 
Beall, Mrs. M. J. 
Beall, Miss. 

Looscan, Mrs. Adele B., 620 Crawford. 

Lorehn, Mr. and Mrs. O. J., 2900 San Jacinto. 

Lorenzen, Mrs. T. C, 1116 Dallas. Thursday. Cit. Phone 1213. 
Lorenzen, Miss. 

Lossing, Dr. and Mrs. M J., 1818 Crawford. 

Love, Mrs. Ella, 1504 Rusk. Thursday. Cit. Phone 1122. 
Wilson, Miss Lucille. 

Lovett, Mr. and Mrs. R. S., 2017 Main. Wednesday. Phone 178. 
Finch, Miss Ruth. 

Lockhart, Mr. Robert, Commerce and Palmer. 
Lubbock, Mrs. Mary H. 

Lockhart, Mrs. T. O., Commerce. 
Lockhart, Miss. 

We carry in stock Hurlbuts, Hurds & Whitings Fine 

Stationery embossed in Gold, Silver or any color. 
Visiting Cards in the latest fashion. 

Arch L. riARSHALL, Printing, Embossing any S tationery. 

603 Main Street. 




Gowns Finished Promptly. 

Prices: $8.00 and $J0<00* 

813 Rusk. Citizens' Phone 799. 

Dealer in Groceries, Fruits and Confectionery. 

Phone 9 J . HOUSTON, TEXAS. 909, 9 J J Prairie Ave. 

...Agent for the celebrated high grade "Ferndale" 
brand of canned goods. Have you tried them? 


Lubbock, Mr. and Mrs. T. U., 2507 Commlerce. 
Lubbock, Miss. 
Lubbock, Mr. W. R. 
Breed, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. 

Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. A. T., 2010 Capitol. 

Luckel, Mr. and Mrs. L. C, 507 Tuam. Cit. Phone 1219. 

Lucy, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 1016 Austin. Phone 1376, 2R. 

Lumm, Mr. and Mrs. A. F.. 1403 Travis. 

Lummis, Mr. and Mrs. Henry H., 1718 Polk. 
Lummis, Mr. Fred. 

Lyon, Mr. J. D., 1411 Jefferson. 

Macatee, Mr. and Mrs. William L., 1403 Capitol. 

Macatee, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard. Cit. Phone 1110. 

Macatee, Mr. J. L. 

MacGregor, Mr. and Mrs. H. F., 504 Tuam. Wednesday. 

De Merritt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Phone 890. 

Magers, Prof, and Mrs. S. D., 2015 Capitol. 

Mahl, Mr. and Mrs. J. T., 1116 McKinney. Phones 842. 

Malin, Mr. and Mrs. W. A., Hotel Bristol. 
Malin, Miss. 

Mansfield, Mr. and Mrs. H. P., Houston Heights. 

Markham, Mr. and Mrs. J. P., 2715 Jackson. Cit. Phone 1028. 
Craven, Miss Rosa. 

Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. A. J., 903 Rusk. 
Marshall, Miss Eileen. 

Marshall, Mr and Mrs. Arch L., 412 Crawford. 

Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle B., 1109 Clay. Friday. 

Martin, Miss Annie. Cit. Phone. 

Davis, Mrs. S. A. 



Mason, Dr. and Mrs. Dorsey, 1318 Walker. Phones 835. 

Mason, Rev. J. C, Pastor of Central Christian Church, 

1211 Capitol. 

Masterson, Hon. and Mrs. Harris, 820 Crawford. Thursday. 

Masterson, Miss Roxene. Phones 293. 

Masterson, Mr. Harris, Jr. 

Masterson, Mr. Travis. 

Masterson, Mr. Leigh. 

Masterson, Mr. Neill. 

Sharpe, Miss Aline. 

Masterson, Hon. James R.. Bristol Hotel. 

Masterson, Mr. and Mrs. James R., Jr., 1403 Travis. 

Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Leigh, 2116 Milam. 

Maxcy, Mr. and Mrs. J. W., 1709 Clay. Phone 1451. 
Boardman, Mrs. F. G. 

Mayo, Mr. and Mrs. H. M., 2202 Milam. 
Shannon, Miss. 

McAshan, Mr. and Mrs. J. Everett, 1604 Fannin. Phone 961. 
McAshan, Miss Mary B. 
McAshan, Mr. S. M., Jr., 
McAshan, Mr. Hoke S. 
McAshan, Mr. Hildreth N. 
McAshan, Mr. J. E., Jr. 
McAshan, Mr. Burton. 

McAshan, Mr. and Mrs. S. Ernest, 1904 Travis. 
McAshan, Mr. Sam A. 
McAshan, Miss Annie K. 

McAshan, Mr. and Mrs. S. M., 1315 Main. Phone 427. 
McClellan, Mr. John Albert, 710 Lamar. 
McCormick, Capt. and Mrs. George, 1104 McGowen. 

McCraven, Mr. and Mrs. Bonner, 1203 McKinney. 
McCraven, Mrs. L. 


McDaniel, Hon. and Mrs. Lock, 2812 Bagby. Phones 1290. 
McDaniel, Miss Addie. 
McDaniel, Miss Katie. 
McDaniel, Mr. Will. 
McDaniel, Mr. Jean. 
McDaniel, Mr. Lock, Jr. 
McDaniel, Mr. Fred. 
McDaniel, Mr. Aubrey Rhodes. 

McElroy, Dr. and Mrs. William H., 2313 San Jacinto. 
Kirlicks, Miss. 

McEnnis, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. A., 1411 Capitol. 

McGee, Mr. and Mrs. James, 1417 Rusk. 
Hunt, Mr. W. S. 
Hunt, Mr. Lenoir. 

Mcllhenny, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel K., 1016 Austin. 

Mcllhenny, Mr. Sam Terrell. Phone 1376, 2R. 

Mcllhenny, Mr, Havens. 

McLain, Mr. and Mrs. P. J., 910 Crawford. Phone 703, 4R. 

McKee, Mr. and Mrs. James W., 416 Pierce. 
McKee, Mr. Jamie. 

McKee, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse A., 404 Pierce. 
McKee, Miss Frances. 

McKeen, Mrs. M. S., 610 Austin. 
McKeen, Miss Byrona. 
Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. 
Turner, Mr. Frank. 

McKeever, Mr. and Mrs. J. J., 1819 Caroline. Phone 130. 

McKeever, Miss. 
McKeever, Mr. and Mrs, J. J., Jr., 1117 Bell. Phone 912. 
McKinzie, Mr. and Mrs. C. L., 1004 McGowen. Phone 1140. 
McKinney, Mr. and Mrs. Charles A., Boulevard, 

Bacon, Mrs. C. A. Houston Heights. 

McNeil, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, 1607 Fannin. Tuesday. 

Gardner, Miss Evelyn. 


McNutt, Rev. and Mrs. Edwin, 712 Polk. 

(Pastor of Westminster Church.) 

Megget, Mr. and Mrs. Loekwood, 1615 McKinney. Phone 287. 
Megget, Mr. Walter. 

Meldrum, Mr. and Mrs. Norman S., 1015 Clay. Phone 489. 
Meldrum, Miss. 

Mellinger, Mr. and Mrs. George J., 1717 Preston. 

Menefee, Mr. and Mrs. Lee B., 2106 Crawford. Phone 1084. 

Metcalf, Mr. and Mrs. A. L., 908 Chenevert. Wednesday. 

Metcalf, Mr. Clair F. Phone 1077. 

Metcalf, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lee, 718 Crawford. 

Mettenheimer, Mrs. L. C, 912 Jackson. Phone 498. 
Mettenheimer, Miss Anna. 
Mettenheimer, Miss Rowena. 
Mettenheimer, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. 

Michaux, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Watkins. » 

Michaux, Mr. and Mrs. D. W., 1620 San Jacinto. 
O'Connor, Mr. and Mrs. W. C, Jr. 

Mihills, Mr. and Mrs. W. D., 2818 Austin. 
Mihills, Miss Maud. 
Mihills, Miss Mildred. 
Mihills, Miss Mabel. 

Milby, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., Harrisburg. 
Schumacher, Mrs. Fannie B. 

Miley, Mrs. Blanche M. A., 1410 Capitol. 
Miley, Mr. Clark J. 
Hardcastle, Mr. and Mrs. Philip. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1104 Dallas. Phone 1147. 
Miller, Miss Alma. 
Miller, Mr. I. Austin. 

Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff N., 1617 Main. Phone 779. 

Mme. C. A. Bujac, 



Send for "Merci" (Thank You) for piano, as played with brilliant success by 
Sousa's Famous Band; also, "Les Avants Coureurs" (Drummers) Gallop, 
dedicated to the Traveling Fraternity. 

TJhe ^Princeton Restaurant, 

Jfror jCaci/es and Sentlemen. 

I 01 I Tjexas 3% venue. 
97/eah a ia Carte. . . . Catering Solicited. 

Elizabeth Uncapher, M. D., 


Office and Residence, 10I2| Texas Avenue, 


Mills, Mr. and Mrs. N. L., 1210 Rusk. Phone 823. 
Mills, Miss Nellie. 
Mills, Mr. E. N. 
Mills, Mr. L. E. 
Mills, Mr. W. E. 

Milroy, Mr. and Mrs. John A., Boulevard, Houston Heights. 

Mistrot, Mr. and Mrs. G. A., 1504 Clay. Friday. Phone 583. 
Mistrot, Mr. Byrnes W. 

Minor, Mr. and Mrs. E. G., 1302 McGowen. Phone 902. 

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. J. L., 1015 Capitol. 

Mitchell, Mrs. G. B., 909 Walker. 

Mitchell, Miss Hester. 
Mitchell, Mr. Albert W. 
Mitchell, Mr. Harvey L. 

Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. William M., 1603 McKinney. Thursday. 
Mitchell, Mr. Eugene Monroe. Phone 151. 

Taliaferro, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin M., Galveston. 

Moody, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W., 1314 Dallas. 
Moody, Miss Lizzie I. 
Moody, Miss Clara B. 
Moody, Miss Florence L. 
Young, Mrs. Thomas L. 

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A., 2806 Brazos. 

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 1917 Milam. 

Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Frank P., Irvington. Phone 759. 
Moore, Miss Hallie. 
Moore, Miss Bessie. 
Moore, Mr. Max. 

Morris, Mrs. Mila T., 1905 Travis. Phones 698. 
Morris, Miss. 
Morris, Dr. Robt. T. 

Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B., 1517 Main. Phone 231. 
Morrow, Mrs. and Mrs. J. B., 1615 McKinney. Phone 287. 


There Is An Element of Selfishness 

In the object I seek to obtain. But what human action is void of it ? 
How to make our selfishness bestow beneficient results upon others, 
and build up ourselves, is 


THE HOMESTEAD LAW, is the gift of Texas, to civilization. Before the 
birth of the Texas Republic, there was no provision for the protection from 
forced sale of a Family Homestead, upon the Statute Books of any nation of the 
earth. It was the idea of the Fathers of Texas, that every family should Own a 
Home, of which they could not be dispossessed. Therefore until every family 
in Texas own its own home, they are short of the standard of True Texans. 
Imagine a state, in which every family owned its own home. I will pay $25.00 
for the best essay, that best presents, the advantages that would accrue, to 
the State, from such a situation ; said essay to be written and delivered to 
me before July 1st. 1900. The managing editor of the Houston Post, to ap- 
point a committee of three, to pass upon the essays tendered, and reward the 
premium. The world moves and I believe the time has come, to start a cam- 
paign, to the end, that every family in Texas, shall own its own home. I 
want to see the movement STARTED IN HOUSTON. 

Let Houston become, the City of Home Owners. 

We must get self interest, public sentiment, local and personal pride, 
into the movement. I would like to see each one whose name appears in 
this directory support the movement. Let the one who owns lots, they are 
willing to sell, on long time, submit them to their real estate agent. Let the 
one who can furnish building material, on favorable terms to their architects, 
let the one who can supply money, to be secured, as partial payments, on 
Houston Homesteads, make it known to his financial agent. Let all who 
are willing to work, to try to pay for a home, consult their real estate agent, 
Let the movement be one, of all of the citizens of Houston. White, black, 
rich, poor— and never let up, until every family in Houston, owns its own 
home, be that large or small. It is the ripening result, of Christianized 
civilization. The spirit of the age beckons us onward. Let the ideals of the 
fathers of the nineteenth century, be embodied in the real lives of their 
descendants of the twentieth century; and Texas and Texans, still contribute 
to the progress of civilization. 

I S nAIIfiHFPTV ...Lands and Loans, 

U* O. 1^/1.*JV111L,I\1 I, 901 Texas Avenue, HOUSTON, TEXAS. 

Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. 

Morse, Mr. and Mrs. S. F. B., 1109 Rusk. Thursday. 

Morse, Miss Julia May. Phone 1360. 

Mullen, Dr. and Mrs. J. A., 1603 Clay. Phone 664. 

Mulvey, Mr. and Mrs. William B., 1605 San Jacinto. Phone 331. 

Munger, Mr. and Mrs. Charles R., 2606 Milam. 
Munger, Miss Edith. 
Munger, Mr. Russell. 

Munger, Mr. and Mrs. N. C, 1212 Calhoun. Phone 649. 
Munger, Miss Rosalie. 

Myer, Mr. I. S., 1504 Rusk. Cit. Phone 1122. 
Myer, Miss. 
Myer, Mr. W. W. 

Myer, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling N., 1014 Capitol. 

Myers, Mr. and Mrs. J. R., 2016 Travis. Phone 1069. 
Myers, Miss Blanche. 

Mustain, Mr. and Mrs. E. G., 1607 Texas. Phone 621. 
Burrus, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. 

Napier, Mr. and Mrs. W. S., 3312 Louisiana. Phone 1449, 2R. 
Napier, Mr. W. S., Jr. 

Nash, Mr. and Mrs. William R., 712 La Branch. Thursday. 
Nash, Miss Kitty. 
Long, Mrs. Sydney. 

Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. C. W., 1104 San Jacinto. Phone 1049. 
Nelms, Mr. and Mrs. Albert L., 2004 Main. Phone 146. 

Gearing, Miss Maimie. 
Neville, Mrs. Mary E., 1505 Capitol. Thursday. Phone 1296. 

Neville, Miss Ruth Lane. 

Neville, Mr. Frank L. 

Neville, Mr. Edwin L. 

Cardwell, Miss Estelle. 


Neubouer, Mr. and Mrs. Edward. 

Noble, Mrs. Mollie E.. 1818 Providence. 
Noble, Mr. Walter. 

Noble, Miss Cordelia, 1715 Montgomery. 
Noble, Miss Ada. 
Noble, Mr. Frank. 
Noble, Mr. Walter R. 

Norfleet, Mr. and Mrs. N. M„ 1610 Rusk. Phone 1466, 3R. 

Noland, Mr. and Mrs. Hal. P., 818 Main. Cit. Phone 1228. 

Norrell, Mr. and Mrs. George W., 707 Dallas. Phones 303. 
Norrell, Miss Grace. 
Leavell, Mr. and Mrs. James G. 

Norsworthy, Dr. Oscar L., 615 Elgin. Phones 617. 
Stone, Mrs. S. B. 

Nosworthv, Mr. and Mrs. Richard, 901 McGowen. Thursday. 

Phone 717. 

Noyes, Mr. and Mrs. Lucian Tyler, 1618 Milam. Phone 19. 
Noyes, Mr. Samuel Oliver. 

Norris, Mr. W. H., 506 Binz Bldg. Phone 618. 

O'Conor, Mrs. Adaline, 816 San Jacinto. Phone 674. 
O'Conor, Miss Adaline. 

Olive, Dr. and Mrs. William B., 1814 Washington. Phones 1076. 

Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. C. E., 208 Moore-Burnett Bldg. 
Barlow, Miss. 

Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. William C, 1118 San Jacinto. 
Oliver, Miss Louise. 
Oliver, Miss Lillian. 
Oliver, Miss Clara. 

Orvis, Mrs. Sarah, 1004 McKinney. 

Overcash, Mr. and Mrs. L. J.. 2015 Pease. 


Packard, Mr. and Mrs. Si, 1704 Crawford. Phone 1080. 

Paine, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E., 1505 McKinney. Phone 436. 
Paine, Miss Edith M. 
Paine, Miss Gertrude H. 

Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. G. J., 1111 McKinney. Phone 403. 

Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 1116 Travis. Phone 611. 
Palmer, Miss Daphne W. 
Palmer, Mr. Edward Albert. 

Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E., 1407 Lamar. Monday. 

Parker, Miss Mary. Phone 1047. 

Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B., 1010 Hadley. Wednesday. 

Phone 730. 

Parker, Mr. and Mrs. O. S., 905 Jefferson. Phone 1260, 3R. 

Parks, Mr. and Mrs. L. J., 816 San Jacinto. Phone 674. 

Pastoriza, Mr. and Mrs. J. J., 2204 Austin. 
Pastoriza, Mr. Hugh J. 

Patillo, Miss Susie M., 1108 Houston. 

Peacock, Mr. and Mrs. William, Boulevard, Houston Heights. 
Peacock, Miss Mabel. 

Peck, Maj. and Mrs. Charles B., 2314 Caroline. Phone 1718. 
Peck, Miss Frances L. 

Peden, Mr. and Mts. Edward A., 1017 Bell. Phone 970. 
Peden, Mr. David D. 
Peden, Mr. D. D., Jr. 

Penfield, Mr. and Mrs. C. S., 903 Clay. Phone 1012, 6R. 
Penfield, Miss Mabel. 

Pereira, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 1210 Washington. 

Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. David, 1417 Clay. 
Perkins, Miss Saidie. 
Perkins, Miss Minnie. 
Perkins Mr. David, Jr. 



g>H? <$oot>s 


"always tbe Best." 

411 and 413 Main Street, 

Houston, Texas. 

Perkins, Dr. and Mrs. B. T., 2817 San Jacinto. 

Phelps, Mr. E. S., 2718 La Branch. 
Phelps, Mrs. F. L. 

Pillot, Mr. and Mrs. Camille G., 1817 McKinney. Phone 353. 

Pillot, Mrs. Zeolie, 1803 McKinney. 
Pillot, Mr. Teolain. 

Plough, Miss Julia, 2118 Smith. 
Caldwell, Miss. 
Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. 

Pollard, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Wesley, 915 Pierce. 

Phone 1125, 2R. 

Porter, Mr. and Mrs. George L., 1304 Rusk. 
Porter, Miss. 
Porter, Miss Jeanette. 
Porter, Mr. Milby. 

Potter, Mrs. Z. L., 816 San Jacinto. Phone 674. 

La Ville, Miss. 

Martin, Mr. 
Powell, Mrs. Sarah E., 1914 Franklin. 

Powell, Miss Alice. 

Powell, Mr. Groesbeck A. 

Price, Mr. and Mrs. George Lincoln, 610 Lamar. 

Price, Mr. and Mrs. James, 2616 Brazos. Phone 1116, 2R. 

Price, Miss. 

Dumble, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. 

Bird, Miss Lucy. 
Prince, Mr. and Mrs. Hyman, 1317 Texas. Phone 112. 

Prince, Miss Julia 

Prince, Mr. Harry. 

Queyrouze, Mrs. Louise, 1407 Travis. 
Kattache, Mr. Dimitry. 
Kattache, Mr. Clement. 
Redwood, Miss C. S. 



Radford, Mr. and Mrs. John S., 1918 Milam. 

Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. B. Alfred, Vicks Park. Phone 575, 5R. 

Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. N., 1214 Washington. Phone 941, 2R. 

Ransone, Mrs. W. B., 910 Crawford. Phone 703, 4R. 
Ransone, Miss Vivienne. 

Raphael, Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel, 1820 Rusk. Friday. 

Raphael, Miss Juliet C. Phone 544. 

Raphael, Mr. Louis M. 
Raphael, Mr. Harold R. 

Raphael, Mr. Mose, 703 Hamilton. Phone 692. 
Raphael, Miss Julia. 
Raphael, Mr. Sam. 
Sampson, Dr. and Mrs. J. H. 

Rareshide, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence W. G., 1714 La Branch. 
Ratcliff, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grundy, 1017 Lamar. 

Phone 927. 

Read, Mrs. William M., 1603 Rusk. Phone 3. 
Read, Miss. 
Read, Mr. L. Cavil. 

Red, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Clark, 817 Caroline. Phones 389. 

Reese, Mr. and Mrs. H. C, 1117 Calhoun. Wednesday. 

Phone 602. 

Reichardt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A., 918 Louisiana. 

Foster, Miss Emma. Cit. Phone 587. 

McKee, Miss Wilna. 
Reinhardt, Mr. and Mrs. William A., 816 San Jacinto. 

Phone 674. 
Reynaud, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar E., 2815 San Jacinto. Phone 1243. 
Rice, Mr. and Mrs. David, 1106 McKinney. Cit. Phone 842. 
Rice, Mr. and Mrs. F. A., 1718 Polk. Cit. Phone 414. 

Rice, Mr. Ben. 

Lummis, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. 

Lummis, Mr. Fred. 


DREW & CO., 
Fire Insurance Agents, 


Southwestern Phone 721. Citizens' Phone 721. 


The name JHII^JIVlEr on a package 
is an absolute guarantee. 

WARD T>. HUME, Ph. G., P. C. P. 

Main Street, Corner Pease Avenue. 


OFFICE: Mason Block. 

Office Phone— Citizens' 867 and Residence Phone— Southwestern 512. 

Rice, Mr. and Mrs. H. Baldwin, 403 Crawford. Phone 392. 
Durable, Mr. D. Harvey. 
Dumble, Mr. R. Norman. 

Rich, Mr. and Mrs. L. M., 1701 Congress. Phone 854. 

Richards, Mr. and Mrs. C. H., 1702 Houston. Phone 720. 

Richardson, Mrs. Alfred S. 

Richardson. Miss Jennie. 

Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. E. R., 2609 Main. Wednesday. 

Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Perkins. Phone 793. 

Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Philips, 2011 Pease. 

Richardson, Miss Ethel, 1004 Travis. 

Ring, Mr. and Mrs. Henry F., 1510 Crawford. Phones 645. 
Ring, Mr. Robert. 
Ring, Mr. Roland. 

Riordan, Mr. and Mrs. J. E., 2716 Brazos. Wednesday. 
Riordan, Mr. Sylvester. 
Riordan, Mr. John E., Jr. 
Riordan, Mr. Frank. 

Robb, Mr. and Mrs. A. G.., 3103 Louisiana. 
Robb, Miss Ena F. 
Robb, Miss Cherry. 
Robb, Mr. Norman K. 

Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. M. L., Phone 925. 

Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Ingham S., 1818 Polk. Phone 1026, 4R. 

Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. William R., 1509 McKinney. 

Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. S. A.. 1309 Fannin. 
Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. 

Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. C. W., 2316 Fannin. Phone 315. 
Robinson, Miss Claire. 
Robinson, Miss Agnes. 
Robinson, Mr. Thomas W. 

Rockwell, Mr. and Mrs. James M., 2116 Crawford. Phone 1303. 


p @jOCIETY PEOPLE should have 

°§ &*^ their Stationery and Invitations 

^ prepared by an up-to-date establish- 

|g ment. 

2g ...We go north every year and learn 

|p what the latest thing is See us for — 

Society Invitations, 
Wedding Invitations, 
Card Party Tally Cards, 
Engraved Visiting Cards. 

§p J.J. Pastoriza 

Iff Printing & Litho. Co., 


£§5 ^Houston, Texas* 




Rogers, Rev. and Mrs. B A., 1316 Boulevard, Houston Heights. 
Brooks, Mrs. Emma Lee. 
Brooks, Miss Mabelle Lee. 

Root, Mr. and Mrs. A. P., 1410 Clay. Phone 446. 
Root, Miss. 
Root. Miss Stella. 
Root, Mr. Fred A. 

Roper, Miss Mary, 918 Austin. 

Rosekrans, Mr. and Mrs. C. D., 1104 Travis. Phone 529. 

Ross, Mr. and Mrs. James O., 710 Hadley. Phone 98. 
Ross, Miss. 
Ross, Mr. J. Burnett. 
Burnett, Col. J. H. 

Rowe, Mr. and Mrs. D. F., 2818 San Jacinto. 
Johnson, Mr. Charles E. 

Ruby, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 1817 Polk. Cit. Phone 649. 

Ruby, Mrs. Mary A., 1206 Brazos. 
Powers, Mr. Will. 

Rue, Mr. and Mrs. H. F., 1117 Chenevert. Tuesday. 

Rue, Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Cit. Phone 169. 

Rue, Mr. Frank. 

Isenhour, Mrs. C. 

Isenhour, Mr. Ira. 
Rushmore, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M., 1014 Caroline. 

Rushmore, Miss Alice. 

Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. Allan. 
Rust, Mr. and Mrs. E. G., 702 Walker. Phone 1319. 

Rust, Miss. 

Emmert, Mrs. Elmer S. 

Emmert, Mr. R. G. 
Ryan, Mrs. Rosine, Capitol Hotel. 

Sauer, Mr. and Mrs. A. P., 1504 McKinney. Phone 782. 
Sauer, Mr. Philip. 

Sawyer, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 505 Austin. 

Seanlan, Mr. T. H.. 1917 Main. 
Scanlan, Miss. 
Seanlan, Miss Carrie. 
Scanlan, Miss Katharine. 
Scanlan, Miss Margaret. 
Scanlan, Miss Charlotte. 

Scanling, Mr. and Mrs. L. L., 1104 Travis. Phone 529. 

Schaeffer, Mr. and Mrs. A. Edward, 1208 Clay. 

Schmidt, Dr. and Mrs. E. F., 508 Travis. Thursday. 

Schmidt, Miss Elsie. Phone 88. 

Schmidt, Mr. Erich. 

Scholibo, Mr. and Mrs. C. F., 1704 Franklin. Phone 283. 
Scholibo, Mr. Charles. 
Scholibo, Mr. William. 

Schumacher, Mr. and Mrs. John H., 1516 Milam. 

Schureman, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J., "Cosy Cottage," 

2819 Caroline. Phone 942. 
Schureman, Mr. Arthur Leigh. 

Scott, Mr. and Mrs. John T., 2416 San Jacinto. Phone 1027, 6R. 

Scott, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W., 818 Caroline. Phones 66. 

Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Preston B., 1611 Main. 

Sears, Mr. and Mrs. W. G„ 1803 Walker. Phones 974. 

Sears, Miss Alice, 1912 Caroline. 

Sedgwick, Mr. and Mrs. C. W., 3203 Louisiana. Phone 249. 
Sedgwick, Miss Fannie. 
Sedgwick, Miss Georgia. 

Seger, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B., 1606 Fannin. 
Seger, Mrs. A. B. 

Settegast, Mr. C. E., 2218 Bagby. Phones 682. 

Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. 
Williford, Mr. and Mrs. S. H. 
Oliver, Mrs. E. E. 
Dreyling, Mr. and Mrs. Gus, Jr. 

Settegast, Mr. and Mrs. J. J., Jr., 1700 San Jacinto. Phone 922. 

Sewall, Mr. and Mrs. E. W., 614 San Jacinto. 
Sewall, Miss Sallie. 
Sewall, Mr. Cleveland. 
Sewall, Mr. Campbell. 

Seward, Mr. and Mrs. Ingham R., 803 Main. Wednesday. 

Phone 512. 

Sherwood, Mr. and Mrs. Woodley D., 1518 Caroline. 

Phone 1410. 

Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. W. N., 2106 Main. 
Shaw, Mr. Hampton Lee. 

Shaw, Dr. and Mrs. Wallace N., 2103 Crawford. Phone 549. 

Shearn, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P., 1116 Clay. Phone 1038. 
Shearn, Miss Maggie. 
Shearn, Mr. Charles P., Jr. 

Shearn, Mr. and Mrs. John, 1517 Fannin. Phone 351. 
Shearn, Miss Cora. 
Shearn, Miss Bettie. 

Shelby, Mr. and Mrs. D. G., 1309 Louisiana. Phone 1455. 
Shelby, Miss Martha. 
Shelby, Mr. Dan. 
Shelby, Mr. Arthur. 

Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. D. P., 818 Milam. 
White, Miss Anna. 

Shepard, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wellborn, 2512 Brazos. 

Mftaranga, Mr. M. A. Phone 1496. 

Shepherd, Mrs. Regina, 1518 Chartres. 
Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. Blount. 


Books and Stationery, 


Phones 279, mi Congress Avenue. 

TJaylor Sftros.y 

77? an ufacturing 

* • jewelers and Watch 9Ifaker$. . 

2(/e Carry a &ull jCine of jewelry 
at «Cou> SPr/cos. 


-# = Dentist, 

...Rooms 206, 207 and 208... 
Binz Building. 

Sittig, Mr. and Mrs. A. Franklin, 904 San Jacinto. Thursday. 
Sittig, Miss Saidie. 
Hudson, Mr. S. P. 

Slosson, Mr. and Mrs. William B., 710 McKinney. 

Smallwood, Dr. and Mrs. Robert, 602% Main. Phones 727. 

Smart, Mr. and Mrs. J. P., 1318 Texas. 

Smith, Mr. Daniel C, 1516 Travis. 
Smith, Miss. 
Smith, Mr. S. J.. M. D. 
Smith, Mr. Daniel C, Jr. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. C, 803 Clay. 

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Howard F., 2204 Main. Phone 568. 
Smith, Mr. Howard F., Jr. 
Smith, Miss Marion Croom. 
Brown, Mr. Thomas C. 
Brown, Mr. Hammond. 

Sprong, Mr. and Mrs. W. H., 2708 Crawford. Phone 744. 

Spotts, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R., Hotel Bristol. 

Sproule, Mr. Oliver J., 1017 Lamar. 

Sprong, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H., 810 Milam. 
Sprong, Miss Eula Belle. 
Sprong, Miss Jennie Blake. 
Blake, Mrs. M. M. 

Stafford, Dr. Earl, 1404 Dallas. 

Stansfield, Mrs. J. W., 1014 Travis. 
Stansfield, Miss Virginia E. 
Stansfield, Miss Cora A. 
Stansfield, Miss Emily F. 
Stansfield, Mr. Otto G. 
Stansfield, Mr. John W. / 

Stansfield, Mr. William C. 
Trautvetter, Miss Anna. 

Stanuel, Mr. and Mrs. A. T., 2617 Louisiana. Phone 1254. 
Steele, Mr. and Mrs. John N., 909 Main. Phone 1187, 4R. 

Steele, Mrs. Margaret E., Fairview and Mason. Wednesday. 

Steele, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Phone 1420. 

Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. Randal S., 2904 Austin. 
Stephens, Miss Elizabeth. 
Stephens, Miss Katharine. 

Stewart, Mrs. Rachel S., 1118 Main. Phone 1087. 
Stewart, Miss Dee. 
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. John S. 

Stieff, Mr. and Mrs. George W., "Glen Katharine," Harris Co. 

Stone, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H., 409 McKinney. Phone 749. 

Street, Mr. Gus C. 1216 Texas. 
De Foe, Mrs. 
Street, Miss. 
Street, Miss Marguerite. 
Street, Mr. Gus. 
Street, Mr. Leroy. 

Strong, Mr. and Mrs. Seth B., 1404 Polk. Phone 1031. 
Strong, Miss Vera. 
Strong, Mr. S. B.. Jr. 
Strong, Mrs. S. G. 

Stuart, Dr. and Mrs. David F., 1116 Texas. Phones 90. 
Stuart, Miss. 
Stuart, Miss Susie. 
Stuart, Miss Mary. 

Stuart, Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R., 1008 Washington. Phones 89. 

Stuart, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C, 1609 San Jacinto. 

Cit. Phone 789. 

Sumbardo, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L., 1908 Travis. 
Sumbardo, Miss Ava. 


Swanson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 1718 McGowen. 
Swanson, Mr. Abe H. 
Swanson, Miss Caroline. 

Sweeney, Mr. and Mrs. John J., 817 Main. 
Sweeney, Miss Edith. 

Sweeny, Mr. and Mrs. John, 2103 Kane. 

Sydnor, Mrs. Annie E., 501 Austin. 
Sydnor, Mr. B. G. 
Sydnor, Mr. John. 

Sydnor, Mr. and Mrs. Seabrooke W., 1416 Franklin. 

Szabo, Mr. and Mrs. A. A., 1103 Dallas. Phone 1040. 
Szabo, Miss. 

Simmons, Mr. and Mrs. W. F., 1110 Brazos. 

Taft, Mr. and Mrs. G. A., Fairview and Hopkins. Phone 746. 
Taft, Mr. Edwin R. 

Tajan, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, 1717 Lubbock. 
Tajan, Miss Marie. 
Varenne, Mme. M. E. 

Taliaferro, Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair, 1216 Walker. Phone 1062. 
Taliaferro, Miss Bettie M. 
Taliaferro, Mr. Thomas S. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. A. K., 1515 Crawford. Friday. 

Taylor, Miss Mary Ella. Phone 594. 

Taylor, Mr. Alfred. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W., 1409 Leeland. Cit. Phone 935. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. F. C, 1411 Leeland. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. 5 1709 Caroline. 

Cit. Phone 1149. 
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. E. W., 910 Louisiana. 
Taylor, Mr. Farrar W. 

Taylor, Mrs. Emily, 616 Walker. 
Farrar, Mr. and Mrs. R. N. 


Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Horace D., 604 Rosalie. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. W. B., 610 Walker. 

Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. William H., 903 Pierce. Phone 1260, 5R. 
Beery, Mr. Walter. 

Tharp, Mr. and Mrs. George W., Leeland, corner of Velasco. 

Tharp, Miss Mabel. Phone 1098, 4R. 

Tharp, Miss Jessie. 
Tharp, Miss Anna. 

Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. T. H., 914 San Jacinto. Phone 816. 
Thompson, Miss Nannie. 
Thompson, Miss Ida. 

Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Millard F., Telephone Bldg. 

Timmins, Mr. and Mrs. George G., 1610 Clay. 

Timmins, Mr.and Mrs. J. G., 1918 Texas. Phone 733. 
Timmins, Miss Saidie. 

Timpson, Mr. and Mrs. Paul B., 716 San Jacinto. Phone 1348. 

Timpson, Mr. and Mrs. Sam G., 1403 McGowen. 

Tinsley, Mrs. Maimie H., 2004 Texas. 

Tod, Hon. and Mrs. John G., Harrisburg. 

Torrey, Mrs. Mary F., 1201 Capitol. 
Torrey, Mr. George N. 

Torrey, Mr. and Mrs. Walter T., 3006 Brazos. Phone 885. 

Towles, Mr. and Mrs. Churchill, 2201 Main. Phone 1488, 4R. 
Towles, Miss. 

Tracy, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott S., 2215 Caroline. Phone 1027, 4R. 

Treadway, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L., 910 Crawford. 

Phone 703, 4R. 

Troy, Mrs. Ella. 1719 Travis. 
Giraud, Mr. Stiles A. 

jfeitchler s Studio. 

&®>2i MEaiiKL ©tireet. 

We have moved a few notches higher in 

the scale of artistic work, and we are still 

moving Our work is now far in advance 

of the tastes of most people, but we hope 
to educate the people to a higher standard. 

Tl|e daniera IS Nethllig... A mere implement, 

like a painter's brush. It is the soul of the man who 
manipulates it that gives every picture secured its 


First Prize (Genre), awarded by Photographers' Asso- 
ciation of Texas, Dallas, October 19, 1899. 


Third Prize, Class A, Photographers' Association of 
America, New York, July 22, 1899. 

Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. William R., 1115 Hamilton. 
Bryan, Miss Mary E. 
Bryan, Miss Georgia. 
Bryan, Mr. John. 
Randall, Mrs. C. A. 

Tuffly, Mr. and Mp. L. J., 2919 Milam. Phone 536 . 
Tuffly, Miss Blanche C. 
Tuffly, Mr. Louis P. 

Tuggle, Mr. and Mrs. S. R., 1404 Crawford. Phone 928. 
Tuggle, Miss Eva. 
Tuggle, Mr. S. R. 
Pape, Mr. Otto. 

Turner, Mr. and Mrs. E. P., 1706 Main. Phone 425. 
Wigg, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. 

Turner, Dr. R. G.. 1108 Calhoun. Phone 467. 

Ramakers, Mrs. Rubiedick. 
Turner, Mr. and Mrs. William Baker, 1410 Rusk. Phones 949. 

Lewis. Miss. 
Underwood, Mr. and Mrs. George Bovee, 404 Bremond. 

Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Wednesday. 

Urwitz, Dr. and Mrs. Max, 1104 Preston. Phones 650. 

Usher, Mrs. Emily B., 1010 Smith. 
Usher, Miss Mariana. 

Utterbach, Prof, and Mrs. E. E., Boulevard, Houston Heights. 
Vandervoort, Mr. and Mrs. A. S., 1010 Smith. Cit. Phone 940. 

Vandervoort, Mr. and Mrs. N. J., 511 Lamar. 
Vandervoort, Miss Jessie N. 
Vandervoort, Miss Annie B. 
Vandervoort, Mr. A. E. 
Vandervoort, Mr. J. A. 

Van Liew, Mr. and Mrs. F. C, Rutland St., Houston Heights. 
Van Liew, Miss Margaret. 
Vaa Liew, Mr. Carl. 


■:■■■■■ ■: ■■■:.,■■ . ,.■ ■ ... ■...,, 

Van Liew, Mr. and Mrs. W. L., 807 Travis Cit. Phone 725. 

Van Vleek, Mr. and Mrs. W. G., 1314 Rusk. Phone 295. 

Vasmer, Hon. and Mrs. Ernest H., 2204 Louisiana. Phone 838. 

Vick, Mr. and Mrs. A. J., Valley View. Phone 573. 
Vick, Mr. Ivan. 

Vick, Mr. and Mrs. T. S., Valley View. Phone 573. 
Vick, Mr. Vivian. 

Vineyard, Mr. and Mrs. B. L., 1304 Milam. Phone 821. 

Vinson, Mrs. Van B., 706 Webster. 
Vinson, Mr. Carroll. 
Vinson, Mr. Dave. 

Vinson, Mrs. B. T„ 514 Lamar. 
Vinson, Miss Coral. 
Vinson, Mr. Joseph. 

Volck, Dr. and Mrs. George Andreas, 1109 Lamar. 

Vogler, Mr. and Mrs. John W., 3012 Smith. 

Waddill, Rev. and Mrs. J. C, 3303 Austin. Phone 901. 
Waddill, Miss. 
Swope, Mr. and Mrs. Tom. 

"Waggaman, Mr. and Mrs. Henry St. John, 605 San Jacinto. 

Wagley, Mr. and Mrs. W. C, 1107 Lamar. 

Walker, Mr. and Mrs. I. W., 2206 Milam. Phone 631. 
Walker, Miss Saidie. 
Walker, Mr. John H. 

Wall, Mr. and Mrs. William Shannon, 1403 Rusk. Thursday. 
Brown, Mr. L. Babers. Phone 255. 

Walker, Mr. and Mrs. G. W., "Yonder Home," Harris County. 
Walker, Miss Mazyck. 

Walker, Mr. and Mrs. John G., 2517 Caroline. 
Walker, Miss Barbara. 
Walker, Miss Isabel. 
Walker, Mr. Jack D. 


Wallace, Dr. and Mrs. Bruce, 1618 McGowen. Phones 710. 
Wallace, Mr. Barton. 
Wallace, Miss Lena. 

Warley, Mrs. A. P., 1017 Dallas. 
Warley, Mr. T. D. 
Warley, Mr. Felix. 

Warner, Mr. and Mrs. B. R., 1000 Milam. 
Warner, Miss. 
Warner, Miss Bessie. 
Warner, Mr. Brady. 
Lockett, Mr. and Mrs. James W. 

Waties, Gen. and Mrs. James Rives, 1104 McGowen. 

Waties, Miss Margaret. Wednesday. 

Watkins, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar, 1310 Dallas. 

Watson, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. R., 816 Hamilton. Thursday. 

Phone 1026. 

Y/ebb, Mr. and Mrs. William R., 2702 Smith. Wednesday. 

Webb, Miss. Phone 1117, 5R. 

Webb, Mr. Charles G. 

Weems, Mr. and Mrs. B. F., 1616 Rusk. Phones 545. 

Wier, Mrs. T. D., 1804 Texas. 
Wier, Miss Mattie. 
Wier, Mr. Robert. 
Wier, Mr. Earl. 
Wier, Mr. Tom. 

Welch, Prof, and Mrs. C. W., 1706 Polk. Phone 1788. 
Welch, Miss Louise. 
Welch, Miss Alice. 
Welch, Miss Ruth. 
Robertson, Mrs. Alice L. 
Sims, Mr. C. W. 

Wellington, Mr. and Mrs. J. A., 1918 Rusk. Phone 1288, 2R. 


"West, Mr. and Mrs. J. L., 1415 Crawford. Phone 435. 
West, Miss. 

Whipple, Dr. and Mrs. Daniel W., Houston Heights. 
Whipple, Miss Florence. 
Whipple, Miss Mabelle. 
Thielen, Miss. 
Thielen, Miss Alice. 

White, Mr. George, 816 San Jacinto. Phone 674. 

White, Mrs. Justin C., 3014 Brazos. 
White, Miss Marguerite. 

White, Mr. and Mrs. O. L., 1407 Travis. 

Wicks, Mr. and Mrs. Moye, Fairview and Morgan. Phone 740. 

Wier, Dr. and Mrs. D. Stuart, 1819 Austin. Phones 796. 

Windle, Mr. and Mrs. George Henry, 1006 Milam. 

Windle Miss. Phone 1010, 2R. 

Wilkins, Mr. and Mrs. John Asa, 1104 Travis. Phone 529. 

Wilkinson, Mr. and Mrs. J. W., 1316 Texas. 

Willett, Mr. and Mrs. Henry S., 804 Polk. Phone 1297, 2R. 
Vincent, Miss Frances G. 

Williams, Mr. C. Arthur, Houston Post. 

Williams, Mr. John F., 2004 Milam. 
Williams, Miss. 
Williams, Miss Madie. 
Williams, Miss Rosa. 

Williams, Mrs. Margaret Houston, 1208 Calhoun. Thursday. 
Williams, Miss Marian. 
Williams, Mr. Houston. 
Williams, Mr. Royston. 

Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Sam M., 1403 Travis. 
Williams, Miss Mary E. 
Masterson, Mr. and Mrs. James R., Jr. 
Peticolas, Mrs. Mary M. 

Tfce Cream parlor 

and go&a jfountain,,.* 

The $150 Grand Grapho 
phone plays sweet musi< 
while you wait. 

1113 Congress Avenue. 

Jtt*x> N\jc%jl&ll&n oL C^^t 

Wholesale and Retail 


(llL&g£ter&g£ t 



3L*aunnip$§ 9 TFsd. 

... F 

604 rialn Street. 
914 Texas Avenue. 

IblUe <OTHLitlI<Bir e ^ r 9 IBtto. 

'hones 4-88... 

Ijiawstorr* ®&x&&+ 

Dr* B. T. Perkins, 

Rooms 404 and 405 Kiam Building. 

Phone 676. Hours 9 to 12 and 2:30 to 5:30. 


Williams, Mr. and Mrs. V/illiam Howell, 813 Leeland. 

Williams, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P.. 910 Caroline. 
Cocke, Col. Richard. 

Williamson, Mrs. M. A., 1917 McKinney. 
Williamson, Miss. 

Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. W. I., 2814 San Jacinto. Wednesday. 
Williamson, Mr. H. T. 

Wilson, Hon. J. T. D., 608 Rusk. Phone 239. 
Wilson, Mr. H. T. D. 
Wilson, Mr. H. S. H. 
Dargan, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene. 

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. T. W., 1110 Hamilton. 
Wilson, Mr. E. H. 

Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. John, 1016 San Jacinto. 
Wilson, Miss Helena. 
Wilson, Mr. Innerarity. 

Wilson, Hon and Mrs. W. H., 403 Gray. 

Witte, Mr. and Mrs. Otto, 2318 San Jacinto. Wednesday. 

Wolff, Mr. and Mrs. Gustave A., Capitol Hotel. 

Womack, Mr. and Mrs. Morris L., 1306 Milam. Phone 310. 
Womack, Miss Jessie. 
Womack, Mr. K. E. 

Wood, Mr. and Mrs. W. Alan, 603 McKinney. Phone 878, 2R 
Wood, Miss. 
Wood, Miss Dorothy. 
Wood Mr. William A. 

Wood, Dr. and Mrs. H. A., 1316 Washington. Phone 984. 


W. S. HUNT, 

Attorney and . . . 
Counsellor at Law* 
Pox Building. HOUSTON, TEXAS. 

Pantitorium Club*** 

The only institution in the South devoted ex- 
clusively to Cleaning, Pressing and Dyeing. 


Club Membership (for men only) One Dollar per Month. 
Either Phone Z \ Z Oail JaClIltO St> 

A #n *i 4- Ck* i *»cy D0 Y0UR 0WN 

AlllalSlir S«*« Developing and Printing. 

Therein lies the great fascination of Photography. 

Our Developing Outfits are the best, instructions the 
plainest, ready for use with any style camera. 

price $i .so <w_H e y er Photo Su pp'y Co -» 

«pi.UV. """> — 11 6i 3 MAIN STREET. 

Woolford, Mr. and Mrs. John D., 1202 Lamar. 
Woolford, Miss Edna D. 
Woolford, Miss Ina Marr. 
Woolford, Mr. John. 
Walker, Mrs. P. Carter. 

Willis, Rev. and Mrs. H. C, 1211 Clay. Phone 1138, 4R. 

(Minister of Tabernacle Church.) 

Zeiss, Mr. and Mrs. George P., "Midway Farms," Waller. 

Zeiss, Mr. Wilhelm. Long Distance Phone. 

Zeiss, Mr. Reuben. 


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